Aurora Predictions from the Experts

Thursday, 6th December 2018

Jess Weatherson

aurora near hotel ranga iceland 5 nov 2018 sb

Saevar Helgi Bragason, Icelandic Astronomer, best-selling author and radio broadcaster is the resident expert at one of our best selling properties, Hotel Ranga. Watch the video below as Saevar guides you through the mysterious northern lights, what causes them and how to put yourself in the best position for optimal viewing.

Saevar’s website Aurora Forecast offers real-time data to steer you in the right direction for a successful northern lights hunt!

Predicting the Aurora

In the latter months of 2018 a large coronal hole sent solar wind hurtling towards the earth which left lucky spectators with a spine-tingling aurora borealis show. Based on the solar cycle experts knew this event was highly likely to re-occur around 27 days later and it did exactly that!

“In early November, the solar wind from the coronal hole arrived a day late but the wait was worth it because we were treated to a gorgeous display that lasted for three nights. Something similar is to be expected the first few nights of December, around 1-4 December.”
Saevar Helgi Bragason

In fact, the coronal hole was open for six solar revolutions resulting in great aurora displays in August, September, October, November, early December and again at the end of December around the New Year. The initial occurrence in August was less spectacular for observers as it was so early in the season when the skies weren’t completely dark.

This doesn’t mean that the aurora will only occur at this time. Far from it, aurora sightings are possible any night when the skies are dark enough and if weather conditions are favourable. While science allows accurate short-term predictions to be made about the intensity of a display, the weather must also be compliant helping to preserve the mystery and magic of the aurora… it’s still all about location, location, location!

Aurora Sightings in Iceland & Sweden, 1-2 December 2018

Images courtesy of Saevar Bragasen at Hotel Ranga, Iceland & Aurora Sky Station web cam, Abisko in Sweden.

Aurora Sightings in Iceland, Sweden & Norway, 5-6 November 2018

Images courtesy of Saevar Bragasen at Hotel Ranga, Iceland; Lyngen Experience Lodge, Norway; Ripan Resort & Aurora Sky Station, Abisko in Sweden.

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