16 Inspiring Photos of Antarctica

Thursday, 29th January 2015

Jo Cooper

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No photograph can really do justice to the Great White Continent – but here are 16 of our favourite images of Antarctica.

A Classic Antarctica voyage typically starts in Ushuaia, crosses the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula, then typically give you the chance to weave in and around grounded icebergs on a zodiac in Pleneau Bay, scramble to the top of a craggy hill for an unforgettable view of Port Lockroy, listen for the boom and crack of a calving glacier near Petermann Island, cruise through the Lemaire Channel and swim in the volcanic caldera of Deception Island. No two voyages are exactly the same.

Astounding icebergs

During the austral summer, large areas of the Peninsula are ice-free making exploration possible. This gives you truly amazing photographic opportunities both from your ship and up close on zodiac excursions. Watch out for seals hauled out on ice floes and vivid ice sculptures. You might even want to try sea kayaking to get even closer.

Fascinating history

The history of exploration and scientific research in and around Antarctica is fascinating. Your expert Expedition team will help provide opportunities for contemplation and will engage your curiosity when you’re in Antarctica itself, as well as share their knowledge and expertise in lectures and films on board ship.

Incredible wildlife encounters

Antarctica’s wildlife is one of main draws of a voyage to the White Continent. An impressive list of cetaceans frequent the southern oceans, as well as huge numbers of magnificent sea birds and five seal species. Find out more about when is the best time to visit.

And, of course, penguins

Lots and lots of penguins.

Here’s what Polar Travel Specialist Jo Cooper had to say about her voyage to Antarctica onboard the MS Expedition:

It was certainly an adventure to remember. We were incredibly lucky with several days of sunshine, blue skies and calm seas. We saw plenty of Antarctic wildlife: fluffy gentoo chicks running after their mums for more food; minke, fin and humpback whales really close to the ship; chinstrap penguins; fur seals and weddell seals, crabeater and leopard seals sunning themselves on icebergs. We also had an amazing zodiac cruise through the icebergs. The mountains were just stunning and we visited Port Lockroy too!

We landed at the volcanic caldera of Deception Island, where a few brave people tested the geothermal waters – watched by some bemused gentoo penguins! There were a couple of chinstrap penguins wandering between us, the penguins have no fear of people and their innate curiosity means they are usually keen to come up for a closer look at their human visitors. I even had some gentoo chicks nibbling on my wellies which was very cute! They are hilarious to watch, we could have spent hours just laughing at their antics!

Nobody really wanted to head north again – it was the trip of a lifetime.

Wish you were here?

You can experience Jo’s voyage on a Classic Antarctica itinerary (9-13 nights, Nov-Mar). For help with planning your next Antarctica voyage, enquire online or contact Jo directly.

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