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20 Years Of Partnership With Hotel Ranga

Friday, 15th March 2019

ranga aurora overhead

We are proud to celebrate 20 years in close partnership with Hotel Ranga.  Located deep in the spectacular south-west Iceland countryside, it features in some of our most popular itineraries from summer self drives to our flagship northern lights small group tour; Northern Lights Special.

With some help from our clients, we explain why Hotel Ranga holds a special place in our hearts…

Northern Lights Wake Up Call

Hotel Ranga, a warm and welcoming luxury lodge where we enjoyed a fantastic 3-course meal and then relaxed in the cosy chairs by the bar. So far we have been given an attic room at the Reykjavik Marina and a Deluxe room at the Ranga with views across the river. Their northern lights wake-up service meant that we were awoken at 3 am to view a spectacular show of the aurora which we could even see from our hotel room window! It’s a great start to a fantastic trip. Thank you all once again, you have helped make my dream holiday!  

– Redding, Aurora Nights

Walking up the driveway at Hotel Ranga and having the northern lights to myself was a highlight for me. After a long day of wind and rain, the skies cleared to reveal Orion on the southern horizon. Feeling lucky, I quickly got dressed to see faint wisps of the aurora to the north. It is definitely worth looking out the window whatever the hour of darkness as you never know what you’ll be rewarded with!

– Amy Gibbs

Food and Comfort

What a fabulous hotel! Excellent food and a comfortable room. All the staff were so friendly and helpful- I especially loved the personal touch from the owner, Fredrik, who came round to talk to everyone. Seeing the northern lights was just the icing on the cake!

– Carole and Graham, Northern Lights Special

We loved the food, especially the fish dishes, and at Hotel Ranga it was exceptional. The staff went out of their way to be helpful and our Christmas Day meal is one to remember!

– Mr and Mrs Cook, Aurora Nights

iceland hotel ranga wedding dan blog

My Wedding Venue

Iceland is like a second home and I’ve been fortunate to travel the country extensively throughout my life. For this reason, my wife and I decided to get married in Iceland and what better place than at Hotel Ranga!? We chose to exchange vows at Oddi Church, hidden away, just a few minutes drive from Ranga. The historic and cosy church is set amongst beautiful, panoramic views of the south Iceland countryside, which was stunning in an icy cold April.  

The wedding reception and breakfast were held back at Hotel Ranga. The location, venue, setting and food were simply perfect. Whilst everything is to the highest standard, Ranga also benefits from a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, ideal for friends and family to gather and celebrate.  

We had the perfect day, with many of our guests claiming it was the best wedding they had the pleasure of attending.

– Dan Stacey

ranga exterior rear sunset

The Midnight Sun and Majestic Views

An early morning walk in the sunshine at Hotel Ranga highlighted to me, as I looked around 360°, that I was surrounded by volcanoes – in every direction I could see the majestic peaks in the distance! Laying in the hot tub at Hotel Ranga in the midnight sun was both surreal and stunning! Looking over Eyjafjallajökull it was hard to imagine that such a spectacular site stopped grounded the world! I loved everything about this amazing hotel. The décor, the staff, the food-I now want to go back in winter to see the northern lights from here.

– Dawn Evans

ranga stargazing at observatory

Ranga’s Observatory

We spent our last evening relaxing and stargazing in the observatory at Hotel Ranga.  Using the telescopes enabled us to view the Andromeda Galaxy which is 2.5 million lights years away. This is an image that will stay in my mind forever.

– Kelly O’Brien

Feeling Inspired?

Plan a stay at Hotel Ranga. Whether you prefer a single-centre short break or a multi-centre adventure, a free-spirited self-drive or the company of a small-group, we highly recommend a stay at this distinctive ranch-style hotel.

Providing an ideal base for exploring Iceland’s south coast, spend your days marvelling at waterfalls, glaciers, black sand beaches and geysers, with evenings dining on the finest cuisine, relaxing in a hot tub and gazing at the night sky. Simply contact our Iceland Travel Specialists to find out more.