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From our favourite locations to watch the northern lights to the best places to watch whales in Canada, stunning pictures of the Sweden's Icehotel to the 7 natural wonders of our world, read our blog for all your holiday inspiration.

Discovering Brown Bears in Finland

Nordic Travel Specialist, Mark, tells us about his night in a bear hide on the border between Russia and Finland.
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Sunday, 24th February 2019

Mark Champagne

Why Our Staff Love Iceland

Over 40 years ago, our managing director, Clive Stacey, himself began a love affair with Iceland. Many are captivated by Iceland's magnetic charm, but we think our team love Iceland the most, we ask our team to share their infatuation.
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Thursday, 14th February 2019

Becky Masih

Top 6 Destinations to See Glaciers

Glaciers all around the world have long drawn travellers admire the sheer wonder of these giant masses of ice! Their ever-changing nature, size and spectacular shapes and colours make for a truly unique experience. Read our favourite destinations to go and see these mesmerising natural spectacles.
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Friday, 8th February 2019

Becky Masih

Scoresby Sund: Q&A with photographer Ragnar TH Sigurdsson

Professional photographer Ragnar TH Sigurdsson shares with us his experiences from a memorable small ship expedition cruise into Scoresby Sund, Greenland.
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Thursday, 31st January 2019

Destination Specialist

Is this the Year of the Big Trip?

Think big! A month-long motorhome odyssey in New Zealand perhaps, or a polar cruise around Spitsbergen. How about delving into British Columbia’s leafy wilderness in search of grizzly bears. Read on to start planning your next Big Trip...
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Friday, 25th January 2019

Will Gray

Top 10 Trips of a Lifetime

From northern lights to safari holidays, we've listed some of our favourite destinations and holidays to spark your imagination. Remember, all of our itineraries can be tailor-made for a trip of YOUR life.

Monday, 21st January 2019

Becky Masih

Meet Gummi, Absolute Iceland Tour

Pioneer of highland driving in Iceland, Gumundur 'Gummi' Gunnarsson, tells us a little more about why 4WD are one of the best ways to explore the country's beautiful landscapes.
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Wednesday, 16th January 2019

Destination Specialist

5 Reasons to Visit Chile

One of our Polar and Latin America Specialists explains why Chile is the hottest place to visit...
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Sunday, 16th December 2018

Destination Specialist

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Western Australia

From the Kimberley to the quokka, find out why we love Western Australia and why you will too.
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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

Destination Specialist

8 Awe-Inspiring Images of Namibia That’ll Make You Say WOW!

From sweeping dunes and sparkling night skies, feast your eyes on these eight spectacular images of Namibia...
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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

Destination Specialist

Crossing Australia by Rail: The Ghan Expedition

Back from her Australian expedition, our Head of Worldwide Product, Liz, recounts her memorable journey on board The Ghan rail journey through the heart of the Outback from Darwin to Adelaide.
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Sunday, 9th December 2018

Liz Lunnon

Aurora Predictions from the Experts

The coronal hole that has caused strong auroral storms since August 2018 remains open and has resulted in some spectacular aurora sightings...
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Thursday, 6th December 2018

Jess Weatherson