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From our favourite locations to watch the northern lights to the best places to watch whales in Canada, stunning pictures of the Sweden's Icehotel to the 7 natural wonders of our world, read our blog for all your holiday inspiration.

A Lifetime of Travel, A Tale of Determination and Friendship

Our amazing staff, clients and partners are still sharing their favourite tales from a lifetime of travel. We’ve been inundated with wonderful stories, images and thought provoking memories that we can’t help but share. A tale of determination and friendship, from our client, Helen.
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Friday, 15th May 2020

Nichol Callaghan

Did You Know This? The Polar Talking Points Of Svalbard

Most people tend to visit Svalbard to see the midnight sun or the northern lights, but there is so much more to these icy islands. Here’s some of our favourite facts that may well surprise you about Norway’s far-flung Arctic archipelago…
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Thursday, 14th May 2020

Jo Cooper

Part 1: Travel Journaling, A Way To Preserve Our Memories. An Extract From Our Client

Travel experiences may be fleeting right now but we all have memories that last a lifetime, we share an extract from one of our client’s travel journal.
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Wednesday, 13th May 2020

Nichol Callaghan

The Best Restaurants To Discover In The East Fjords

The pristine East Fjords are peppered with fishing villages, herb-smothered mountain slopes are grazed by sheep and reindeer, while fertile valleys shelter some of Iceland’s best agricultural land. Here are some of our favourite places to dine when visiting the east...
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Saturday, 2nd May 2020

Kim Stacey

Did you know this? Interesting facts about the Arctic

The Arctic is the northernmost region of Earth. Most scientists define the Arctic as the area above the ‘Arctic Circle’, a line of latitude about 66.5° north of the Equator. Within this circle are the Arctic ocean and the northern parts of Scandinavia, Russia, Canada, Greenland, and the U.S. state of Alaska. It is certainly spread out far and wide! You know about the Arctic’s sweeping tundra, ice-choked oceans, hardy people and incredible wildlife – but did you know all of this...
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Thursday, 30th April 2020

Jo Cooper

An Isolation Guide To Bird Watching At Home

Read our isolation guide to bird watching at home, comparing some of the birds you may have been searching for on your travels with some British counterparts.
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Tuesday, 28th April 2020

Bruno Kaufmann

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day Online

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the annual event supporting environmental protection. On this day, people around the world would be attending various talks, festivals or celebrations around the world, but instead we need to look at ways to support the day at home. Earth Day has now gone digital with many organisations moving their traditional events online.
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Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

Nichol Callaghan

7 Trips We Remember, Now That Travel Has Been Taken Away

While the world is on lock-down, trying our best to keep coronavirus down and our chins up, we have plenty of time to reflect on the things we love about life, and for many of us, one of life’s biggest joys is travel. Our clients and staff have been on some amazing adventures all over the world and we asked them about their favourite memories from a lifetime of travel. Here’s the memories they shared...
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Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

Destination Specialist

Did You Know This? Facts About Antarctica You Should Know

The spectacular landscapes and wildlife of Antarctica are world famous – and year after year, we discover more about this fascinating land. Here are a few things you might not have known about the curious world of Antarctica, from heroic explorers and brave ship’s cats to a geothermal hotspot where you can take a dip with penguins…
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Tuesday, 21st April 2020

Destination Specialist

Places in our hearts, a fond memory of Iceland

What does travel mean to us? From authors to adventurers, painters to teachers, families and solo travellers, we asked our clients to share their fondest travel memories. We share one such memory here.
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Monday, 20th April 2020

Nichol Callaghan

More Than Just a Place to Sleep. What To Do at the Icehotel

To help you plan your perfect itinerary, we have asked our expert team to select their favourite experiences at the ICEHOTEL, providing exclusive insights into all the excursions available.
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Friday, 17th April 2020

Naomi Earnshaw

Our Iceland Accommodation Guide – The Best Hotels To Stay In

Whether you plan to stay within easy reach of Reykjavik or want to escape to the far north, Iceland has plenty of amazing accommodation options on offer.
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Sunday, 12th April 2020

Eric Shadbolt