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From our favourite locations to watch the northern lights to the best places to watch whales in Canada, stunning pictures of the Sweden's Icehotel to the 7 natural wonders of our world, read our blog for all your holiday inspiration.

Autumn Equinox gives Green Light to Aurora Hunters

The autumn equinox occurs around the 21-23 September each year marking the official end of summer and beginning of autumn, a time of year known for it's incredible reds, oranges and yellows. It is also the perfect time for catching glimpses of the green of the northern lights!
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Tuesday, 31st August 2021

Destination Specialist

Photographing the Northern Lights

Turn protons into pixels with William Gray's enlightening guide to snapping the aurora borealis.
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Wednesday, 11th August 2021

Will Gray

The Best Hotels to See the Northern Lights in the World

From waking up in a suspended glass cube high in the treetops to falling asleep under an aurora display inside a cosy glass igloo, when it comes to searching for the northern lights, it's all about location. 
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Friday, 2nd July 2021

Doug Kington

Magic or Morbid? Did you know these Myths & Legends about the Northern Lights?

Mesmerizing, stunning, other-worldly are just a few words used to describe the experience of watching this spectacular phenomenon.
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Friday, 30th October 2020

Will Gray

Reasons why Lulea in Swedish Lapland makes for a perfect winter break

Lulea is a gateway to the snow-dusted forests and Northern Lights. Read on for our top five reasons why Lulea makes for the perfect Lapland winter city break.
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Wednesday, 21st October 2020

Bruno Kaufmann

Where to See the Northern Lights: Spring Equinox

The northern lights may be synonymous with the darkest winter months, but the spring equinox in March is actually one of the best times of year to see nature’s light show. Find out why – and where to experience your own equinox aurora.
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Saturday, 14th March 2020

Eric Shadbolt

Great Ways to See the Aurora

Witnessing the aurora borealis pulse across the dark skies of the Arctic region is a bucket list phenomenon. We have put together a selection of our favourite holiday experiences to ensure you make the most of your northern lights adventure.
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Wednesday, 14th August 2019

Destination Specialist

Top Things to Do in Svalbard

An alluring haven at world's end; the Svalbard archipelago is one of the world’s largest untouched wilderness areas and it’s precisely this vast area of raw nature that puts it on the bucket list for many. Read our top favourite things to do...
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Thursday, 13th June 2019

Becky Masih

Aurora Predictions from the Experts

The coronal hole that has caused strong auroral storms since August 2018 remains open and has resulted in some spectacular aurora sightings...
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Thursday, 6th December 2018

Jess Weatherson

See the northern lights in March

March is a great time to see the northern lights blending longer hours of daylight, milder temperatures and the vernal equinox.
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Sunday, 4th February 2018

Will Gray

5 minutes with Melanie Windridge: plasma physicist and aurora enthusiast

A plasma physicist with a PhD in fusion energy, Melanie Windridge really does know her stuff when it comes to the aurora borealis...
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Thursday, 22nd June 2017

Destination Specialist

Where To See The Northern Lights in Iceland

Discover the secrets to the best northern lights watching in Iceland with our Q&A guide to the electrifying – and sometimes elusive – aurora borealis...
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Wednesday, 29th June 2016

Will Gray