Exploring the Art Suites at the 26th Icehotel

Thursday, 7th January 2016

Destination Specialist

maryanne icehotel

Our Digital Marketing Executive, Maryanne, travelled to the Icehotel in December to explore this winter’s Art Suites. Read on for a sneaky-peek into this season’s magnificent build!

Donning my snow boots and thermal overalls, I made my way through the famous reindeer-clad doors, crunching through a thick layer of snow with every step I took.

Entering the grand hallway, intricately designed hand-carved chandeliers hung from the ceiling and translucent load-bearing pillars framed the pathway that lead to a quaint but unfinished sculpture, which would be the focal point to the heart of this unique hotel.

Great Hall

maryanne icehotel greathall

As I walked towards the sculpture, I turned left into the first corridor, leading me to the first of the Art Suites, and my room for the night, 301: Fractus. During the day, the Icehotel acts as an art exhibition, so all rooms are open to the public until 6pm. So, with a few hours to spare, I decided to take a peek at some of the other rooms – starting with the remaining Art Suites…

Fractus by Anja Kilian and Wolfgang A Lüchow

Fractus Anja Kilian Wolfgang A Luchow

Love Capsule by Luc Voisin and Mathieu Brison

sweden lapland icehotel art suite2016 love capsule

Flying Buttress by AnnaKatrin Kraus and Hans Aescht

sweden lapland icehotel art suite2016 flying buttress

Cairn Forest by Annie Hanauer and Matt Chan

sweden lapland icehotel art suite2016 cairns forest
Cairns Forest

Elephant in the Room by AnnaSofia Mååg

sweden lapland icehotel art suite2016 elephant in the room
Elephant in the Room

Cesare’s Wake by Petros Dermatas and Ellie Souti

sweden lapland icehotel art suite2016 cesares wake

I then discovered the incredible Deluxe Suites, featuring their own private bathroom and sauna. The incredible design in each room was simply spectacular. One Deluxe Suite even had its own set of ice swings…

Rhythm of the Arctic by Shingo Saito and Natsuki Saito

art suite Radiance Natsuki Saito Shingo Saito icehotel 28 photo by asaf aliger

Finally, I came across the Ice Rooms...

icehotel iceroom db

I exited the corridors and made my way to the main hall of the Icehotel where I came across a member of the design team working on that charming sculpture in the heart of the hallway and who else should it be, but the creator of the Icehotel itself: Arne Berg! What a fantastic way to complete my Icehotel experience

Arne Bergh at work icehotel

Feeling inspired?

You can discover the Icehotel for yourself on a number of our Icehotel holidays. Send us an online enquiry or speak to one of our Nordic Travel Specialists today.

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