ICEHOTEL 365: Plans for the 27th build revealed!

Monday, 22nd August 2016

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swedish lapland jukkasjarvi icehotel 365 art suite teckara llindh

In November 2016, for the first time ever, a whole new ice experience opened in Jukkasjarvi – Icehotel 365. The world’s first ever year-round ice hotel is open 365 days of the year and coexists during the winter months alongside the seasonal Icehotel. Here’s a look at sketches of 3 suites featured in the inaugural design…

Icehotel 365 opened in mid-November, a month ahead of the seasonal hotel which opened in mid-December and melts back into the river in the spring.

During the summer months, solar panels warmed from the midnight sun generate power to cool the hotel. It features 20 ice suites in total, nine of which will be ‘deluxe’ offering a warm en-suite bathroom, sauna and changing area adjacent to the frozen bedroom area. In addition, there is a Champagne bar as well as an ice art gallery.

Did you know, the amount of snow taken to create its 55 rooms, as well as its church and bar, is enough to make a staggering 700 million snowballs? The chandeliers alone will feature over 1000 hand-cut ice crystals. 5000 tons of ice are harvested each spring from the Torne River and stored until October, when the building process starts in earnest and the artists gather for the build…

ikebana room artist impression

Ikebana Room by Hugh & Howard Miller, Great Britain

“Our suite is called the Ikebana room, and is based on the ancient Japanese tradition of flower arranging. I travelled to Japan last year to spend two months researching Japan’s unique woodworking culture. In the design, we wanted to communicate what makes Japanese craftsmanship and philosophy so special. The simplicity, purity and elegance of Ikebana seemed the perfect way to communicate these ideas.

We are interested in how these natural plant forms can be described in natural ice. Both plants and ice are ephemeral – they are fleeting and do not last forever. We want our Ikebana room to be a beautiful, ephemeral, quiet space, which can return to the rivers of Sweden in the spring.”

Katarina Rose

Sleeping inside a passionate thought by Katarina Rose, Great Britain

“I want to create an installation that uses the whole room to describe the abstract idea of sleeping inside a thought. For this I will create flames of ice and snow that spread out from the ice bed, up the walls and across the ceiling.”

Martina Erickson o Stephanie Knoeller House of Cards

House of Cards by Martina Erickson & Stephanie Knoeller

The two British artists’ designs to be chosen from the 100s of designs submitted to the Icehotel panel include the Liverpool based brother design duo, Hugh and Howard Miller. Hugh is a furniture designer and Howard an architect, landscape designer and RHS Chelsea gold medal winner in 2015. Their concept is called the ‘Ikebana Room’ based on the ancient Japanese tradition of flower arranging and will showcase a blooming cheery tree.

The second comes from Dorset based sculptor and taxidermist Katarina Rose whose design, ‘Sleeping inside a Passionate Thought’ involves flames of ice and snow that spread out from the ice bed, up the walls and across the ceiling to create the feeling of sleeping inside an actual feeling. Rose’s mother was Swedish, born in Kiruna and she already has several gold medals for England won at international snow sculpting competitions so she is no newcomer to working with snow and ice.

A few of the other ingenious designs which will be enjoyed by guests this year include a ‘House of Cards’ made from ice and snow, an exotic palace inspired by Casablanca, and an Art Deco suite. There will be a total of 35 unique ice suites made entirely from ice and snow showcasing different designs across both hotels. A total of 40 artists’ designs have been chosen which will also be used for the ice chapel, Icebar, the main halls and a new ice gallery in Icehotel 365. Like the seasonal hotel, suite designs will change in the permanent hotel on an annual basis.

Two particularly enticing designs include ‘Lapland Waves’ where the waves have frozen to ice with the bed floating as if buoyed by the ocean, as well as the ‘White Cathedral’ created as a homage to sculptor Ferdinand Cheval who built what is known as the ‘ideal’ palace in south east France in the late 1800s from pebbles he collected on his rounds as a postman.

Fly direct to the Icehotel

Discover the World are offering its largest choice of Icehotel breaks ever, as well as operating the UK’s only direct flight from London Heathrow to Kiruna between December and March. Now known as the ‘iceflight’, the 2016/17 season is our 10th year in offering this exclusive service, taking just 3½ hours.

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NB: Images shown are computer generated.


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