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Icehotel Culinary Adventure

Monday, 31st October 2016

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Did you know, in Swedish Lapland food, culture and lifestyle closely entwine in daily life and have done for centuries? From the nomadic Sami to contemporary Swedes, utilising the region’s abundant natural ingredients is at the heart of everything.

With this in mind, we have created a culinary-focused itinerary at the Icehotel – the perfect option for those seeking to savour the epicurean delights of this charming region, whilst experiencing the exquisite ice art and ingenious design of the world-famous Icehotel. Based on our classic Icehotel Break, this outline itinerary is designed to tantalise your taste buds together with providing the chance to sleep on ice and enjoy the striking natural beauty of Lapland in winter.

Icehotel Culinary Adventure


  • 2 nights in a Kaamos (warm) Room & 1 night in an Ice Room
  • Winter Survival Introduction excursion, teaching you how to survive with the wintry forest as your toolkit
  • Starlit Dinner in the Wilderness Camp, serving authentic dishes
  • An array of optional extras* are available, including the Ice Menu experience, dinner in the traditional Homestead restaurant and wilderness snowmobile tours.

* additional

So what is so special about the cuisine in Swedish Lapland?

From Sami wilderness kitchens to modern dinners at home, the way of life when cooking in Swedish Lapland is to use the freshest local ingredients – fish from the rivers, berries and edible plants from the mountains and reindeer that live in its vast rural wilderness. It’s no wonder the region’s local delicacies are becoming so popular across the globe.

Together with Arctic char, gravalax and cloudberries, one such delicacy is kokkaffe – coffee prepared in the traditional Swedish way. We asked one of the adventure team leaders at the Icehotel to explain:

What is ‘kokkaffe’ and how is it made?
Kokkaffe is preferably made over open fire. Water is boiled in a coffee pan and when the time is right grained coffee beans are poured in together with (surprisingly) some salt. After boiling for some time it is a “feeling” that determines when the coffee is ready.

Is it a special type/blend of coffee?
We use “Lemmelkaffe (lemmings coffee)”, a local slow roasted coffee. The myth says that the lemmings hug the coffee beans in their winter lair to get the perfect roast, they then grain and pack it.

Why is kokkaffe so important in Swedish culture?
There’s no better way to relax – it takes time to make kokkaffe, just like making a sauna.

Do guests learn how to make kokkaffe themselves on the Winter Survival Tours?
Yes, they not only learn about the art of making it, but also get to make their own.

We want food and dining to be as much a part of your holiday experience as wilderness activities and the northern lights, bringing together incredible places and people to create that perfect, unforgettable holiday moment.

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