Irresistible Indulgence at the Icehotel

Wednesday, 26th April 2017

Destination Specialist

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Our Travel Specialist, Emma-Louise shares her experiences on our irresistible Indulgence Package at the Icehotel. From private husky transfers to deluxe room upgrades, fine cuisine and personalised service… here’s how to get the most out of this out-of-this-world experience.

The Journey

Start your trip with Premium Class on our direct flight from London Heathrow to Kiruna, pass through without the queues with our fast track security check in and head towards the Plaza Premium lounge at Terminal 2 this is all included as part of the package on your outbound journey.

As you’ll be travelling with Premium Class, you’ll board the flight first and are seated at the front of the aircraft. Shortly after take-off, a hot meal and two drinks of your choice will be served. What a nice relaxing way to travel – it does take out the hustle and bustle of the normal check in process and you really do feel very spoilt by the time you arrive in Kiruna!

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On Arrival

A private husky transfer was waiting for us. Our luggage was taken and put in a car to be taken directly to the Icehotel. We walked to where the huskies were waiting for us and there was an indoor area where we were provided with ski suits, boots balaclava and mittens. Once all kitted out we were taken to our sleigh, where the huskies were so excited and making lots of noise! The dogs were then silent as they led us through the snowy landscape, through forests and onto the frozen lake. What a beautiful sight and quite surreal – at this point I knew this was going to be a once in a lifetime experience.

The journey lasted an hour and a half and as we travelled the guide told us all about the huskies and how they were looked after and about the distances they can run and many other facts about them. As we approached the Icehotel, we could see the lights in the distance as by this time it was starting to get a little darker, it was really an amazing way to arrive to this magical place.

sweden lapland husky team at rest rth

Dining in Style

Our first night was in one of the Art Suites so we headed for the cold reception area where our bags were already there. We took our cases to the locker rooms where we freshened up and headed to the Icehotel restaurant for an a la carte dinner. The menu choices were fantastic – reindeer, elk and Arctic char to name a few of my favourites – and the choice of fine wines were simply impressive.

swedish lapland icehotel cuisine ih

Sleeping on Ice

After a trip to the Icebar, we headed to our Art Suite which was one of the larger suites, so there was plenty of room. We snuggled into our sleeping bags to begin what turned out to be a very good night’s sleep.

Our second and third nights were in one of the lovely Nordic Chalets where our luggage was transferred to. As we entered, Champagne in an ice bucket, two glasses and a gift were delivered. And, as morning came – we donned our branded snowsuits for a morning of husky sledding – what a treat!

swedish lapland icehotel365art suite you are my type 1617 ih

Feeling inspired?

Enjoy the Indulgence Package at the Icehotel as a wholly upgraded Icehotel Break. Alternatively, you can choose to upgrade select aspects of your Icehotel holiday – simply speak to a Travel Specialist for further details.

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