Places in our hearts, a fond memory of Iceland

Sunday, 19th April 2020

Nichol Callaghan

iceland snaefellsnes kirkjufell pink aurora istk

What does travel mean to us? From authors to adventurers, painters to teachers, families and solo travellers, we asked our clients to share their fondest travel memories. One of the first submissions was this particularly poignant note from Claire, who reminded us just how powerful travel can be and how important it is in times like this to reflect on the past so that we are able to look forward. 

In these challenging times, being reminded of my incredible trip to Iceland with you has been so uplifting; a really special time in a really special place with really special people. Looking back at the photos, I’m reminded not only of the stunning landscapes and sights, but of the calmness and tranquillity I felt there. 

It was the most incredible trip, and one that I was both excited and terrified of making; having suffered from panic attacks and clinical anxiety, the thought of the trip- a surprise 50th birthday gift from my husband and daughters- was absolutely terrifying; I wanted to go so desperately, but didn’t know how I was actually going to manage to make the trip- thoughts of the unknown bounced round my head, manifesting themselves in extreme physical symptoms.

But I did get there, despite panic attacks and fear. It was one of the very best and memorable experiences of my life and those memories will be treasured forever. So many times when I’ve felt anxious, I’ve returned to the photos and memories- and indeed your website- to be reminded of that tranquil time and place. 

Thank you for prompting those happy thoughts this morning, when life, the world and our place in it feels very different from the time of our trip in December 2018. It’s a memory to which I’m clinging tightly. 

As on our trip to Iceland in December, the darkness may seem to be constant, but the small glimpses of light are all the more precious when they peek through. Thank you for reminding me of that this morning.

Please pass on my thanks and thoughts to everyone there; the personal service delivered by the Discover The World team was absolutely outstanding, the paperwork, logistics and itinerary faultless. Our accommodation was fantastic and so carefully and personally recommended to accommodate our very specific requirements, including severe food allergies. 

My husband, who booked our trip, is a consultant at one of the largest NHS Trusts in the country. With a respiratory specialisation, he is on front-line at the moment, working round the clock, as are so many NHS employees; he gives selflessly and tirelessly, despite the pressure, fatigue and potential risk.  I hope he will be able to come home for a day of rest later this week. 

Like ours here, your life and livelihood at Discover the World, is being affected in a way that is unprecedented. We are thinking of you. 

I can’t thank you and your team enough for everything you did for us on that special trip to Iceland. The memories are even more precious at the moment.  

As on our trip to Iceland in December, the darkness may seem to be constant, but the small glimpses of light are all the more precious when they peek through. Thank you for reminding me of that this morning.

We would like to ask our Discover the World community; our staff, our clients and our partners to share their favourite travel tales for us all to enjoy. Whether it is a photo, a comment, a story, video or voice message, we’d love to hear from you.

Please submit your memories via email or messaging us on Facebook or Instagram. We would like to feature these travel tales on our email, social and blog channels over the coming weeks to encourage us all to appreciate and remember the amazing things we’ve experienced.

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