Seeing the Icehotel in a different light

Thursday, 24th March 2016

Destination Specialist

sweden lapland icehotel entrance chauser

Back from the 26th Icehotel, Nordic Travel Specialist, Liezel, tells us about the changing colours of the Icehotel now that spring is in the air.

The main entrance to the Icehotel complex is up a slight sloping path from the building itself so from this view, when you first step out of your transfer, you can see the Icehotel in the distance. The Icehotel is a unique, iconic vision and an unforgettable sight. We arrived at dusk when the Icehotel had a bright glow in the diminishing light. Your eyes are drawn down to the white glow of the entrance in the distance as you wait for your bags.

We went to the cold rooms’ reception area initially to check in and drop off our bags. Then we got into our warm gear and headed outside to explore. It had got dark by the time we came back out so the Icehotel was even brighter with a more blueish tone.

We went inside to have a look around and were amazed by the interior, the ice chandeliers, carvings in the walls, all brightly lit up with a vague blueish hint from the ice, it was perfectly crisp.


sweden lapland icehotel art suite 7.5degrees ro

We stayed overnight in a cold Art Suite and had a cosy sleep, it’s a little eerie when you first lie down to sleep as the room is quite bright, being all white, and completely silent but this all contributes to a good night’s sleep once you are tucked up in your sleeping bag, even in -5 degree conditions! In the morning when we woke up and walked back to the warm building, the corridors of the Icehotel looked different; in the daylight the colour seems different.

Once we headed outside the main Icehotel entrance looked like a different building. The sky was grey and overcast but just lit by the natural daylight but you could see the shape of the building with the walls and roof, whereas in the dark you mainly see the dome shape of the ice front lit up. The colours are more subdued without the ice being lit up but the building is still as beautiful.

The following day we went around to the back of the Icehotel and the back wall was lit up by the sun. This makes the colour seem more green in contrast to the clear blue sky.All in all, every time you look at the Icehotel you see a different image, the same building each time with a different appearance in each different light, changing with the weather, time or day or even your mood!


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