A Spotlight on Seydisfjordur

Friday, 16th October 2015

Destination Specialist

Laura fjords blog

Our Nordic Travel Specialist, Laura, heads to Seydisfjordur in East Iceland to uncover its fascinating history, picturesque surrounds and just why the locals are so charming.

“From the moment we arrived in Egilsstadir, I knew this was going to be an Icelandic experience like no other. From the breathtakingly rugged landscapes to the tranquil surrounds of the local villages, here is my guide to sleepy Seydisfjordur.”

Location, location, location!

Seydisfjordur is a welcoming town in the east of Iceland at the inner most point of the fjord with the same name.
The drive into town was beautiful – through some extraordinary roads and scenery. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was filmed here and features Ben Stiller skateboarding along this very road!

First impressions

There are lots of pretty coloured houses and inhabits around 700 people and from the moment you arrive, you can feel a real sense of community here – where everyone acts as one big family.

Houses town Seydisfjordur

From the valley above the town, you can hear the echoes of 25 thundering waterfalls that are formed by the River Fjaroara, and you can view one of the larger waterfalls called Gufufoss near the road between Egilsstadir and Seydisfjordur.

Food and drink

The local bar serves the owner’s own brand of beer and is certainly worth a try!

Iceland beer Laura blog

They serve a good choice of food here as well. Seydisfjordur also features a sushi bar which opened last summer and was a great success. The town has a good choice of restaurants and bistros to choose from.

Arts and culture

The Art Centre where they feature exhibitions regularly is located in the Skaftfell Cultural Centre. Here, you can stop and enjoy some delicious food at the bistro. The Technical Museum includes information about the first telegraph cable connecting Iceland to Europe, which was shored here in 1906. The museum also lays claim to the first internet connection much later on! There is a pretty blue 19th-Century church which hosts concerts of jazz, classical and folk music every Wednesday night. The friendly community is a draw for many talented artists to travel to.

Active explorers

In terms of activities, you can go hiking, horseriding, kayaking or perhaps hire a bike or go sailing in the summer months –all are a great way to see the mountainous scenery which will blow you away.It is also possible to head out on a dive to an old oil tanker which sank in 1944 during WWII. The wreck is teeming with marine life and is a wondrous experience!

horseriding laura iceland

Seydisfjordur is surrounded by mountains but its most famous are Mt Bjolfur to the west and Mt Strandartindur to the east. Further along the fjord, you’ll notice that is fairly remote but rich in wildlife – an excellent place to explore to go hiking with a camera in hand.

Nature and wildlife

Skalanes Nature Reserve can be found on the south side of the town and features seal, porpoise, puffin, reindeer, eider ducks and around 47 species of birds including black tailed godwit, red-necked phalarope, the Pacific golden plover and many more.

Visiting the town is a must, as it is still very untouched and quiet. There is so much history to it and is the most picturesque of towns in this area. There really is something for everyone in Seydisfjordur!

laura car iceland

Feeling inspired?

Follow in Laura’s footsteps on an East Iceland adventure. For help with planning, speak to Laura direct or send us an online enquiry.

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