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The 32nd Icehotel

Monday, 13th December 2021

Pam Forrest

icehotel32 ceremony hall ak

On Friday 10 December 2021, the 32nd Icehotel opened its doors for the winter season. Located high above the Arctic Circle in the village of Jukkasjarvi in Swedish Lapland, the Icehotel remains one of the world’s most extraordinary hotels.

The ice suites in this year’s build have seen the return of artists and designers from around the world following last year’s purely domestic line-up due to the pandemic. The new collection of sculpted Art Suites chilled to perfection at around -5° include a hexagonal Art Deco interior in the ‘Great Gatsby’ and a band of monkeys and a prehistoric dinosaur crashing the party in the ‘Room Service’. Perhaps the most striking suite is an imagining of Dickens’ London in pure ice. ‘Dickensian Street’ is the latest creation designed by British father and daughter duo Jonathan and Marnie Green.

icehotel365 prince carl philip and oscar kylberg creating midsummer design suite mm

Of the three new suites taking up more permanent residence in the year round Icehotel 365, there is an inherently Swedish creation from a member of the royal family. Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte of Sweden and his design partner Oscar Kylberg, have invoked a Midsummer Night’s Dream in their suite utilising an additional material other than just ice and snow for the first time in hotel’s history. Wildflowers and birch leaves permeate the furniture to capture the essence of midsummer, a beloved Swedish tradition.

The team of artists have spent an intense six weeks creating a design masterpiece under the guidance of the hotel’s Creative Director Luca Roncoroni. In a year of the extraordinary, this creation of ice and snow is the perfect place to suspend reality and marvel at the incredible blend of artistry and imagination.

‘Dickensian Street’ art suite by Jonathan and Marnie Green

For the third time, father and daughter, Jonathan and Marnie have teamed up to create a scene-stealing suite in the seasonal hotel. In it guests are taken back in time to the cobbled streets of Dickens’ London with shops, gas lamps, and a pub intricately carved out of ice.

icehotel32 art suite dickensian street by jonathan and marnie green ak

‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ design suite by Carl Philip Bernadette and Oscar Kylberg

Icehotel 365 takes on a royal flourish as Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip has created one of the new Art Suites with his design partner, Oscar Kylberg. Intending to capture the close relationship Scandinavians have with nature, the suite is adorned by wild flowers set in ice and features a soundtrack of violins overlaid with buzzing bees and gently whistling winds.

icehotel365 design suite midsummer nights dream season32 mm

‘Great Gatsby’ by Tomasz Czajkowski & Tomasz Jastrzebski

Aiming to invoke a sense of nostalgia for the 1920s, this suite designed by Polish pair Tomasz and Tomasz, is in an Art Deco style synonymous with that decade. The hexagonal shapes used to achieve this are also a nod to the geometric structure of snowflakes.

icehotel32 art suite great gatsby by tomasz czajkowski and tomasz jastrzebski ak

‘Blue Tundra’ art suite by Elisabeth Kristensen

This suite depicts the migration of the indigenous Sami people with their reindeer herds across the frosty blue tundra to the coast. It was created by Norwegian sculptor Elisabeth Kristensen who specialises in working with ephemeral materials such as ice, snow and sand.

icehotel32 art suite blue tundra by elisabeth kristensen ak

‘To bed with the chickens’ art suite by Edith Van de Wetering & Wilfred Stijger

A quirky, rustic looking suite from Netherlands duo Van de Wetering and Stijger plays on a Dutch phrase “go to bed with the chickens” meaning going to bed early. It also aims to capture the pleasure keeping chickens has given the artists as they watch the birds interact.

icehotel32 art suite to bed with the chickens by edith van de wetering and wilfred stijger ak

‘Room service’ art suite by Ulrika Tallving & Tjåsa Gusfors

Making a bold statement about humankind’s appropriation of our planet, this suite depicts animals and a prehistoric dinosaur crashing into a luxurious parlour disrupting the superiority of man. The Swedish artists, Ulrika and Tjåsa, remind us that we are all made of the same stuff.

icehotel32 art suite room service by ulrika tallving and tjasa gusfors ak

Visiting the Icehotel

The seasonal Icehotel is open from mid-December to early April and can be experienced our classic 3-night Icehotel Break. Or you can choose to combine with a stay in Abisko National Park – rated by Lonely Planet as the best place in the world for experiencing the northern lights – on our Northern Lights, Abisko and Icehotel holiday.

Icehotel 365 is open year round for those considering a summer or autumn trip to Swedish Lapland. Whether you prefer to visit under the midnight sun or under a blanket of snow, we are experts in Icehotel holidays.

And when booking with Discover the World you have the extra peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive flexibility promise should the travel situation change.