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Wednesday, 21st January 2015

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To celebrate the Icehotel’s 25th anniversary a range of performances and events were held in the Aurora Hall between January – April 2015. Find out what these included…

24 January 2015

John Ash Trips

Luleå-born Jonas Eriksson & Tobias Lindvall are a two-man big band playing blues-inspired folk.

Find out more at

31 January

North meets South

A collaboration between opera singer Carina Henriksson and a unique ‘Folk Noir’ artist, Wendy McNeill.

McNeill’s unique ‘Folk Noir’ style takes the listener through dark nights and big skies, lightened by twists of magic, poignant lyrics and her captivating presence in live shows. Carina Henriksson is a modern opera singer born and raised in Tystnaden (The Silence) in Lainio, Finnish Lapland. Carina is responsible for a yearly opera festival (Opera Wilderness) in the northern part of Sweden and also artistic director at Tornedalsteatern in Pajala.

1 February

Yana & Manosan+a

Collaboration between Mexican folk band Manosan+a (who are on their first European tour and releasing their debut album) with traditional Sami music, sung by Yana Mangi and Per Nilla Stålka.

7 February

North meets South

Opera singer Carina Henriksson and Folk Noir artist, Wendy McNiell return to the Icehotel for a second performance.

8 February

Pajala Tatawin

The Torne Valley meets Tunisia in a rhythmic fusion of traditional folk music performed in Arabic and Meänkiele, a variation of Finnish only spoken in Swedish Lapland.

Find out more here

15 February

Hope & Spirit of Life

Meeting between modern Sami music duo Moivi, and artist Kimberley Ahlstrom.

Find out more about Moivi | Find out more about Kimberley Ahlström here

16 February

Dennis Kalla

Veering between energetic pop/rock and more sensitive indie-folk, Dennis Kalla (who hails from Kiruna) has recently toured with Kristian Anttila. His next single “Change Your Mind” is to be released in February in collaboration with BD Pop/DigiNorth..

Find out more here

21 February

Accagas reunion

It’s been 10 years since cult Techno-joik group Accagas split up, but vocalists Yana Mangi Sundgren and Anders Sandgren are returning to the Icehotel for a reunion gig. The video for their biggest hit ‘I’m Alive’ was filmed at the Icehotel in 1995. Get ready to dance…


28 February


With one foot in the deep snowy woods of northern Finland and the other firmly rooted in the traditional music styles of southern USA, Surunmaa’s Finnish bar room blues and country folk sound is the perfect way to relax at the end your day.

Find out more about Surunmaa

8 March

Icehotel Harvest Festival

Torne Valley folk band Jord will be performing traditional folk in harmony. You’ll also have the chance to learn about how ice is harvested for next year’s Icehotel. More information will be released soon.

Find out more about Jord at

Our final direct flight of the season is on 7th March. It’s possible to visit the Icehotel flying via Stockholm after this date.

14 March

Arctic Light Choir 

A female Lapland choir established in 2004.

5 April

Lemmel Ice Fishing Open

Join in with one of the locals’ favorite sports. The full event programme will be released shortly.

11 April

Toughest ICE

Icehotel 25 goes out with a bang! Be part of the first ever all-ice extreme obstacle race and grand finale festivities.

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