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Getting Around Namibia

How you choose to travel around on your Namibia holiday is a question of preference, time and money. Namibia is a popular self-drive destination, the roads are in good condition, and you will encounter few other cars. Flying is also easy to do with many lodges having their own air strips. Escorted touring ensures you always have an experienced guide on hand – but however you choose to travel, you can be sure of an experience to remember in Namibia!

Self Drive

If you are comfortable with driving, then a self drive holiday around Namibia is a fantastic way to see the country independently with freedom and flexibility, stopping as you wish to enjoy the scenery and wildlife that you encounter along the way. Driving in Namibia is a pleasure – you drive on the left hand side and there is very little other traffic, although you do need to be on the lookout for wayward animals! We offer a number of self-drive packages to take in Namibia’s most popular attractions; alternatively we would be happy to assist you in creating your own bespoke itinerary.

Domestic & Scenic Flights

For those short on time or don’t want to drive all the time, flying can be a good way to get between different parts of Namibia quickly. Air Namibia flies from Windhoek to Walvis Bay, Luderitz, Ondangwa, Orangemund and Rundu. Also, Scenic Air and Wilderness Air fly small aircraft (maximum 4-8 passengers) between many lodges in Namibia daily. Flying is also a good way, or in some cases the only way, to reach some of the more off the beaten track areas of Namibia like the Skeleton Coast.

Short scenic flights are also possible to enjoy spectacular views over sights like Sossusvlei and the Skeleton Coast from above.

Escorted Touring

An escorted tour provides a travel option for those who do not wish to self drive and you will be accompanied by a local guide so you will learn a lot more about the country. On some tours, you can also get more off the beaten track in areas it would be difficult to drive yourself. Each journey is more than just travelling from A to B, as the drivers point out places of interest en route, stopping periodically to break the journey. We offer a choice of itineraries, some privately guided, some joining a small group of like-minded travellers which is also a great option if you are a solo traveller. We have special interest tours including photography and cultural encounters, with options ranging from four to 10 days duration.

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