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North and Atacama Desert Excursions

Atacama Astronomy Tour

Experience the Atacama Desert’s amazing night skies.

Full Day Overland Safari to Monturaki Meteorite Crater – 4×4

A 4x4 adventure to one of the world's best preserved impact craters.

Full Day Tour to Tatio Geysers and Machuca Village

Enjoy a guided tour of El Tatio and the nearby village of Machuca.

Half Day Archaeological Excursion to Quitor and Tulor – Atacama

An escorted tour to some of the Atacama's most historic sites.

Half Day Excursion to Cejar Lagoon

Take a journey to the Cejar Lagoon, the Atacama's very own Dead Sea.

Half Day Excursion to Moon Valley – Atacama

A guided tour to watch the sunset over the alien landscapes of Moon Valley.

Half Day Excursion to Salt Flats and Toconao – Atacama

Enjoy a guided excursion of the Atacama Salt Flats, Toconao, Jerez Creek and the Flamingo National Park.

Hiking in the Atacama

An assortment of adaptable hiking options in the Atacama.

Petroglyphs, Rainbow Valley and Rio Grande

A guided visit to the petroglyph site of Yerbas Buenas, Rainbow Valley and Rio Grande.