Sandoy and Suduroy Holidays

Often overlooked, but with plenty to keep you busy, either on a day trip using the early ferry from Gamlaraet or a longer visit, the island of Sandoy is another gem in the Faroes. Several fishing villages, scattered with brightly-coloured buildings, offer boat trips and cultural evenings to put you in touch with the local people and wildlife. Activities range from birdwatching to guided hikes and even rappelling down some of the island’s sea cliffs.

Southernmost of the Faroe Islands, Suduroy is just a two-hour ferry ride from Torshavn. Sheer cliffs line the west coast where hiking trails, from cairn to cairn, can reward you with breathtaking seascapes – particularly when the Atlantic is flexing its muscles. Hvannhagi, a lake cradled by mountains near the island’s northern tip, is where keen photographers will make a beeline for, while the more sheltered east coast is perfect for gentle touring, joining the dots between a succession of fishing villages.

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