How much things cost in St Helena

Working out a daily budget for general living expenses is a good way to avoid unexpected surprises. We’ve created the following guide to give you an indication of what you can expect to pay for typical items as well as tips for maximising your budget.

The local currency is the Saint Helena Pound (SHP) which is linked at parity to the British Pound (Sterling).

Quick reference price guides

Item SHP/GBP (average)
Cappucino 1.50
Water (0.33 litre), restaurant 0.60
Water (1.5 litre), restaurant 1.00
Soft drink (0.33 litre), restaurant 1.00
Beer (0.33 litre), restaurant 2.00
Glass of wine, restaurant 2.00
Meal at an inexpensive restaurant 10.00-15.00
3 course meal for 2 at a mid-range restaurant 20.00-30.00
Diesel (per litre) 1.25

Please note the amounts quoted here are averages and are updated periodically.

Useful information

There are currently no ATM cash machines on St Helena, and the option of using credit and debit cards on St Helena is limited.

British currency is accepted on the island. Cash is the best form of making payments locally, as only few outlets and business will accept credit cards. You will be charged a commission for using your credit card. The Bank of St Helena can advance cash against credit or debit cards; all cash advances are subject to charges and you will need identification bearing a photograph and signature. The Bank of St Helena also offers foreign exchange facilities.

Travellers Cheques can be cashed at the Bank. You will need to change back any surplus local currency before leaving, as it is not possible to exchange St Helena currency back in the UK. St Helena currency is accepted on Ascension Island and on the RMS St Helena.

Eating out

Restaurants are limited and have set opening hours on St Helena, so it is strongly advisable to book dinner in advance. The Tourist Office and your accommodation hosts can both assist with this during your stay.


Tipping is very much the individual’s choice according to service. A tip of around 10% is standard in restaurants.

Entry permit

The St Helena Entry Permit currently costs £17 and allows a stay of up to 183 days. You will need to provide evidence of a return ticket, or funds for a return ticket, medical insurance, adequate accommodation and sufficient funds for your stay.


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