Vagar and Mykines Holidays

The international airport is located on Vagar island. Head west from here along the coast and you reach the village of Gasadalur, from where a five-minute walk leads to a viewpoint of the Mulafossur waterfall. One of the most photographed spots in the Faroe Islands, the horsetail plume simply falls off the edge of the island, pouring into a rocky cove and forming the perfect focal point in a panorama of sea cliffs, mountains and islands. It’s quite possibly the quintessential view of the whole archipelago.

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Another highlight on the island of Vagar, Sorgasvatn has become known as ‘the lake above the ocean’ since it appears to ‘float’ above the sea when viewed from a particular angle. A 45-minute walking trail leads to the waterfall of Bosdalafossur at the end of the lake.

Just to the west of Vagar, the tiny island of Mykines is isolated and secluded, but well worth a day trip by ferry or helicopter. It is quite simply stunning. Facing the full brunt of anything the Atlantic hurls at the Faroe Islands, Mykines has precipitous, wave-chewed cliffs that become seabird citadels during the height of the summer breeding season. It’s one of the best spots in the Faroe Islands to see puffins and gannets and there’s a glorious hike from the island’s solitary village (with its turf-roofed houses) to the lighthouse on the islet of Mykinesholmur.