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With his first day coinciding with the Eyjafjallajokull eruption Alex certainly arrived at Discover the World with a bang back in 2010 - ever since he has emerged a serious convert to all things Nordic having visited Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Finland, Svalbard and Denmark.

Some might call him their aurora lucky charm as he has seen the aurora on a regular basis all over the countries we travel to in the winter (and where he loves to get cold)!

Further travels have taken him to experience the much underrated and beautiful West Sweden in the Summer (where it is much warmer!), seeing the fjords and mountains of Norway and even experiencing a dunk into a glacial river after some fun rafting in Iceland. Alex has also hiked up in Hammerfest, led a team of dogs in the polar night conditions of Svalbard, dipped in the Nature Baths in Lake Mývatn, has even been out walking with reindeer and recently took a boat ride through the fjords in south Greenland witnessing all the icebergs and mountains! His most recent adventure took him to discover the Lofoten Islands and Senja - a pair of stunning locations for photography.

Always one for adventure Alex is also fascinated by the brilliant Scandic Film/TV/Music culture and recently visited the sets of Fortitude, Game of Thrones and Trapped in Iceland and crossed the famous bridge from the Swedish/Danish TV Show The Bridge.

Northern Sweden has some of the best experiences on offer. The Icehotel has never ceased to amaze me, every year the designs of the Art Suites are spellbinding and to have a drink in a real Ice Bar is always something to tell your friends about. There's also great Icehotel combinations like wilderness husky sledding and optimal northern lights viewing in Abisko National Park. Or if a secluded getaway is more your thing, try the Forest Hotel or Kangos Guesthouse.

Alex's Top Travel Experiences


fjord norway trollstigen road hairpin istk

Navigating through the Norwegian Fjords and mountains – the most exhilarating and scenic driving!


sweden lapland husky sledding rth

Learning to mush and taking my own team of dogs out for two days in Swedish Lapland.


west sweden gothenburg harbour sunset vs

Exploring the city of Gothenburg in West Sweden and discovering the giant cinnamon buns in the Haga district!


swedish lapland icehotel27 northern lgihts over entrance

Shedding a frosty tear whilst watching the sky being lit up by the aurora borealis at the Icehotel.


svalbard electric snowmobile aurora sky c hurtigruten ac

Snowmobiling under the polar night of Svalbard – 1500km from the North Pole!


swedish lapland brandon lodge aerial view fb

Lying on the frozen sea staring up at the milky way when staying at Brandon Lodge.

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