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9 Brown bears spotted

27 Years since first visited Iceland

100 Kilometers snowmobiled

Bruno joined the Nordic team at Discover the World back in 2012. Having spent time as a youngster exploring Iceland, Finland and northern Sweden, he already had a keen interest in this part of the world, which has only grown on further visits including to the beautiful fjords of Norway. Having also travelled to mainland Europe, Oman, New Zealand and Australia, there is something about the Nordic countries that keeps him coming back!

He has a particular fondness for Northern Finland, which he regards as one of the most beautiful places he's seen especially when the northern lights appear!

Northern Finland is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen – taking a snowmobile trip along the edges of Lake Inari is wonderful, with no artificial light or towns nearby, this is a great trip to get away from it all and if the Northern Lights come out, they can be absolutely breath-taking!

Bruno's Top Travel Experiences


new zealand kaikoura mountains whale diving istk

Witnessing sperm whales, dusky dolphins and fur seals off Kaikoura in New Zealand


iceland northern lights over lake myvatn rth

Seeing the northern lights explode under a myriad of stars in Iceland


norway orca spy hopping sunset istk

Seeing hundreds of orcas off the coast of Norway, along with humpback whales bubble net feeding


norway senja okshornan devils jaw tungeneset istk

Spending a night on the Norwegian Island of Senja in June, with the midnight sun


fjord norway hardangerfjord apple blossom istk

Taking a dip in the Hardangerfjord in May while the water was 3 C°


eastern finland brown bear cubs istk

Encountering brown bears and a wolverine from a bear hide in Eastern Finland

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