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Chloe joined Discover the World early in 2017. She previously worked with animals after leaving university and then found herself working in, and also loving, travel. Chloe has travelled to many countries from a young age and enjoys the sun as much as the snow. The things Chloe loves the most about travel is learning and immersing herself into the culture as well as tasting the local dishes, seeing the surrounding wildlife and taking part in as many activities as she can.

Chloe's Top Travel Experiences

  • Spending Christmas day snowmobiling over the frozen River Torne and warming up with a cowboy coffee afterwards
  • Walking through the ancient Tomb of Cyprus
  • Husky Sledging through a real life winter wonderland
  • Walking through the trenches of WW1 in the Somme
  • Exploring caves and underground rivers of Mexico
  • Bathing in a Turkish mud spa
  • Laying on the snow watching the northern lights at Abisko Sky Station
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Chloe Recommends

Husky Sledding 12km (Iso-Syote)

2.5 hours Jan-Apr, Dec
Husky Sledding

Icehotel Break

from £1061
including flights
3 nights Jan-Mar, Dec
A unique and truly unforgettable experience at the world's coolest hotel.
  • Winter Break
  • Northern Lights
  • Short Break
  • Icehotel

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