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Tel: (0)1737 214279

Giota has studied Travel & Tourism and has been working in the Travel Industry for 15 years.

She considers herself to be a traveller, not a tourist as she loves to explore places off the beaten track, understand different cultures and engage with the locals.

Nature based holidays are her favourite and her job at Discover The World has given her the opportunity to travel to some of the most amazing destinations including Iceland, Sweden, Alaska, Canada.

Giota is a bit of a geek and although still struggles with the idea that she may never be an astronaut she loves dealing with holidays that have a scientific feel to them, such as seeing the Northern Lights or going whale or bird watching or even crossing the North Atlantic Ocean from Iceland to Greenland on a sailboat in search of a lost tribe of right whales!!  Travelling can be an educational and life changing experience and she is very happy to be working with a company whose views she can relate to.

Giota is an accredited New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Alaska Specialist.

Giota's Top Travel Experiences

  • Lying on top of a mountain at Abisko Mountain Station – 200km above the Arctic Circle watching the Northern Lights dancing.
  • Helicopter flight over one of the many spectacular Alaskan Glaciers!
  • Kayaking in Quebec’s Magdalen Islands being surrounded by humpbacks!
  • Setting foot on Sable Island , a remote sandbar off the coast of Nova Scotia , only accessible by expedition ships , admiring the impressive sand dunes and the beautiful wild horses that live on the island.

My Favourite Place

One of my favourite places are The Tablelands at Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland.No vegetation can grow on these mountains which make the landscape look like a barren desert ,surrounded by an otherwise green and lush environment. Our enthusiastic Parks Canada guides explained that the mountains were created by a tectonic plate collission millions of years ago and was so amazed to learn that this is one of the few places in the world where you can actually see and walk on Earth’s mantle! I fell in love with the place and would happily go back!
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