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1 Hike up to Trolltunga

1 Inuit dance in Greenland

16 Aurora displays marvelled at

Nordic Specialist, Mark, has visited Iceland and Scandinavia as well as visiting Greenland. Some of his more recent travel highlights include snowmobiling beneath the northern lights in Svalbard and listening in awe to the booming sound of icebergs cracking off the coast of East Greenland.

His current favourite winter destination is Senja, which is a mountainous island near Tromso in Norway and is ideal for aurora watching as well as winter activities. He has also recommends Nellim in Finland and Brandon Lodge in Sweden both of which are ideal for couples and families.

Mark also loves the Nordic summer, be that exploring the Norwegian Fjords, observing brown bears in east Finland or whale watching in Iceland. Away from the natural splendour of the Nordic taiga and tundra and Icelandic tectonics, Mark recommends taking time to visit the major cities to see some stunning architecture and sample amazing cuisine.

Standing on the plateau outside the ice cave, watching the peaks shape shift with the light from distant winter sun. Stunning impressions of the High Arctic!

Mark's Top Travel Experiences


Awe-inspiring cliff

Hiking up to Trolltunga, one of the most iconic cliffs in Norway


norway lofoten winter road istk m

Driving through jagged mountains and seascapes of Senja and Lofoten


east greenland hikers admiring view vg

Hiking in rugged landscapes of East Greenland


finland two large brown bears in forest istk

Encountering brown bears in their natural habitat in Finland


east finland lake lammasjarvi hk

Lake swimming under the midnight sun in Eastern Finland


malangen resort cabins and northern lights gt

Seeing the northern lights light up the night sky Malangen Resort, Northern Norway

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