9 Ways To Increase The Size Of Your Group

So, you’ve received a quote from us based on 40 students and 4 teachers, however, only a handful of students have signed up for your trip. Don’t fear! All is not lost! Here are our top tips to ensure you get the number you need for the trip you want at a cost that works for your group.

  1. Open the trip up to students from different classes and year groups.
  2. Invite another subject to join the trip. For example, Italy makes for an excellent cross curricular humanities trip, and photographers are a great addition to a geography trip.
  3. Join with another school, especially if the schools are close together or if the schools are part of the same academy chain or trust. You will then be able to share costs to the airport, co-host parents’ evenings and the students will be able to make new friends.
  4. Plan a launch evening which really explains to parents and students the academic and non-academic benefits of the trip you have in mind. Try using one of our launch presentations or invite a member of our team to present for you.
  5. Set up a clear and affordable payment plan. Consider giving students and their families more time to save money for the trip.
  6. Encourage students to self-fund the trip. Depending on the age of the students, a car wash, bake sales or part-time jobs can all make a trip more affordable.
  7. Check what other trips are running in your school. Does your trip clash with the annual ski trip? This could negatively affect numbers.
  8. Have you run the trip before? Invite students to share their experiences and what they gained from their experience.
  9. Connect the trip content with your classroom. This will help students understand how the destination relates with their studies. Check out our classroom resources to see if there is something you can use >
Why is it helpful to have a larger group?

Generally speaking the more paying passengers you have on your trip the lower the cost will be per person. Very small groups often don’t qualify for the group rates that can otherwise be achieved which means the cost per person may increase.

There are exceptions to this rule, for example due to the maximum capacity of coaches in certain locations. This will vary depending on your itinerary, so speak to your Travel Specialist.

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