An insider’s guide to Montenegro’s National Parks

Wednesday, 4th September 2019

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edu montenegro prokletije national park aerial view

Did you know, Montenegro is home to five spectacular national parks? It’s because of these natural wonders that visions of green sweeping valleys spring to mind at the very mention of the place.

Your students will be able to get back to nature as well as witnessing some dramatic geographical landforms in any one of these parks. Strap on your hiking boots and get exploring with our handy guide to Montenegro’s national parks.

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1. Durmitor National Park

The most famous of all of Montenegro’s national parks, Durmitor is simply spectacular.

It’s home to no less than 18 glacier lakes including the famed Black Lake, which visitors often access from a 3km walk from the town of Zabljak – the park’s main gateway, as well as 48 limestone peaks that stand over 2,000 metres tall. A popular ski resort in the winter months, Durmitor is an outdoor adventure hotspot in the summer.

One particular draw is the Tara River Canyon which is one of the deepest in Europe and a popular place for white water rafting.

2. Lovcen National Park

Accessible from Kotor, Lovcen National Park is home to the 1,749 metre-tall Mt Lovcen – the mountain that gave Montenegro  its name (Black Mountain), due to its impressive colouring.

Within the national park you’ll find the stunning Njegos Mausoleum at the tip of Jezerski Veh – the park’s second highest peak. Climb the 461 steps to enter between two colossal granite sculptures that guard the 28-tonne tomb of Petar II Petrovic Njegos. The park also hosts 6,220 hectares of impressive hiking trails to explore.

3. Lake Skadar National Park

Nestled in the centre of Montenegro lies the Balkan’s largest lake, Skadar. Sharing borders with Albania, it’s one of Europe’s most important wetlands for bird-watching. In fact, the area is home to 257 species of bird, including the endangered Dalmatian pelican.

Within this 400m2 national park, you’ll find an array of steep mountains, hidden villages, island monasteries and floating waterlily meadows.

4. Prokletije National Park

The southernmost part of the Dinaric Alps, majestic Prokletike was only awarded its national park status in 2009 – and only the 160kmwithin Montenegro’s borders. However, there are plans to name the whole national park the Balkans Peace Park, offering 192km of hiking trails between Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.

5. Biogradska National Park

Set amidst the Bjelasica Mountain Range, this beautiful national park is one of Europe’s two remaining virgin forests, covering an expanse of 16 square kilometres.

The picture-postcard Biograd Lake is a further 4km into the national park and is an absolute must-see when visiting. You’ll notice the still waters reflect the colours of the trees surrounding the lake.

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