Forests, fjords, fish guts… what to expect on your Norway adventure

Wednesday, 22nd March 2017

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For an unforgettable and exciting trip, when you want to find action and adventure, then look no further than Norway. Deep in the lush, fertile valleys of Hardangerfjord, you’ll find the perfect accommodation for groups of young thrill seekers. Hardangertun Holiday Village, in the old Viking town of Kinsarvik, is an all-purpose activity centre that your students will fall in love with.

From making their own breakfast in the morning – after getting the ingredients from the onsite shop – to gutting their own freshly-caught fish for that evening’s meal (not for the fainthearted). Your students will learn life skills they need going forward and boost their confidence.

But that is only the beginning, throughout the week your students will be tested by adrenaline-fuelled sports, challenge themselves with orienteering and take long hikes along the waterfall-filled Husedalen Trail. A trip to Norway is a great way to build self-reliance, inspire team work and see one of the world’s most dramatic environments.

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Team building exercises

Your students will learn how to work together in small teams, and have some friendly competition with their classmates, in timed exercises and skill-based challenges. These exercises involve critical thinking and planning, and are designed to make the kids work together (fingers crossed) like a well-oiled machine.

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Using a paper map to get from A to B might seem somewhat old-fashioned in the advent of GPS and mapping software like Google Maps. But learning to navigate through a forest and across the countryside using only your wits, a map and a compass is definitely a skill worth learning. Norway’s Vikings wouldn’t have been very good marauders had they got lost on the way.

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Canoeing on Hardangerfjord

On this guided canoeing trip, you and your students will see the beautiful Hardangerfjord from a unique and memorable perspective. Learn the basics of canoe safety and control on the nearby lake, before heading out on to the fjord itself to observe the local wildlife. They will also learn to catch fish, gut and prepare them (get ready for some squirming from the kids) ready for your hosts to cook for that evening’s dinner.

Climbing and Zip-lining

Don a harness and helmet and prepare yourself to learn how to climb, under the tutelage of expert instructors. On this impressive 25 metre rock face, your students will guide each other across the obstacles to complete the course. But don’t worry, the way down is much more fun! Upon reaching the summit, you will descend through the trees on a 130-metre twin cable zip line.

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Hiking or snowshoeing on Folgefonna

Folgefonna National Park is where you’ll find Norway’s third-largest glacier, Sondre Folgefonna. Experience the sheer size of this ice river and its incredible views across the Hargandervidda plateau and the Hardangerfjord itself. Take a guided hike up the glacier during the warmer months, or in the winter a snow-shoe walk around the nearby hills, as it may be a bit too cold on the glacier at -20 Celsius. These walks offer the chance to both work as a team, and challenge yourself as an individual, whilst discovering the birthplace of mass tourism in Norway.

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All of these activities will bring your students closer together and give them confidence in their own abilities. What more can a teacher ask for?

Speak to one of our travel specialists at discover the world education, they are here to help you and your students find the perfect tailor-made school trip.

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