Our 2020 Resolutions

Thursday, 9th January 2020

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It’s that time of year again but this January we are pleased to announce our news year’s resolutions which we know will outlive the failed diets, broken routines and gym memberships. These pledges are here to stay as they are all a part of our goal to become the most responsible school travel provider we can be!

Revised strategic partnership with the Geographical Association

After 3 years, we have changed our strategic partnership with the GA to reflect our sustainability values. The new strategic partnership aim is as follows:

To make the benefits of responsible, international travel more accessible to geography students, both inside and outside the classroom.

We are extremely excited and proud to be working with the Geographical Association to meet these objectives and will continue to share news and updates on our social media channels and blog.

Find out more about our strategic partnership with the GA >

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Offsetting our company's carbon emissions

We will be offsetting our businesses carbon footprint backdated from October 2019. We are currently working with and recommending the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity, which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats. World Land Trust protects land from deforestation and degradation as well as protecting the delicate ecosystems and wildlife which rely on these areas.

We’ve chosen World Land Trust over other companies who purely plant trees even though these other company’s can be ‘cheaper’. We believe by using World Land Trust we will be able to make the biggest impact. For more information about World Land Trust’s approach visit their website.

More on World Land Trust >

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More Free Teaching Resources

We will continue to produce teaching resources and this year we will be putting extra emphasis on resource which engage students with sustainability topics including endangered animals, plastic waste and climate change. Here are a few we made earlier to get you started:

Retreating glacier case study video: Solheimajokull >

Turtles in Costa Rica >

Whales of Iceland >

Sustainability in Iceland critical thinking exercise >

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Sustainability Squad

A team of volunteers from our Education team have formed our new Sustainability Squad who meet to share ideas and implement plans to make our office and our business as a whole more sustainable. Among their current projects are fundraising for local charities and reducing plastic use in the office. We’ll be sharing their achievements on our blog so keep your eyes peeled!

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100 Plastic Clever Schools

We’ve teamed up with Kids Against Plastic to encourage schools to become Plastic Clever! Being Plastic Clever means taking a few simple steps to reduce, reuse and recycle in your school. This plan, developed by teenage activists Amy and Ella, is designed to engage students to make a different and take charge of their environment.

Signing up is easy, discover how your school can get involved >

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No More Paper Packs

In order to minimise our waste we’ve also reduced the amount of paper we use and print by providing schools with digital versions of our paper final packs. These packs are still available for schools that request one, but by switching to online formats we can provide schools with the most up to date information in a greener way.

We will also be phasing out our plastic coated travel tags that we send to passengers and continue to look for other ways that we can minimise waste and improve your travel experiences.

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This is just the beginning of the year and we already have a lot to celebrate. 2020 is going to be an important time for our planet and we hope to find even more ways to make a difference by 2021!

Happy New Year!


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Interested in free teaching resources? Yes Please >

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