Welcome your students back with a bang!

Friday, 29th May 2020

Katherine Woollett

iceland south west strokkur geysir eruption sunset istk

We know that the last few months have been particularly challenging for schools, teachers and their students. With all the uncertainty and lockdown restrictions, you and your students need something to look forward to. This is why there is no better time to start provisionally planning a school trip.

Much of the enjoyment of travelling is the excitement and anticipation leading up to your trip. Yet we appreciate at this time committing to a trip is not practical for most schools. Therefore, at Discover the World Education, we have a zero commitment offer which aims to help teachers get all the benefits of planning a school trip early, without the pressure of spending money on travel in these uncertain times.

The benefits of planning early includes;

  • Making savings in cost and securing the best availability.
  • When Flights are released, you’ll be the first to know.
  • You can cancel, postpone or change your numbers at any point.

However, by far the biggest benefit of planning a school trip is what it can give students upon their return to school.

To highlight some of the more pastoral benefits to a school trip, we have selected one special destination to showcase what a trip post COVID-19 could look like.

However, this feeling will only be amplified after COVID-19. The anticipated drop in tourism means the Iceland you and your students will experience is more likely to be closer to the one you may have experienced 20 years ago, giving more freedom for students to explore some of Iceland’s epic wilderness, as well at the more iconic attractions.

After months of staying inside, it’s a no brainer that you would expect the school trip for students to feature the great outdoors. And it doesn’t get much greater than Iceland, the land of active volcanoes, cascading waterfalls, erupting geysers, breath-taking glaciers and geothermal features.

Of course, these landscapes give more to students then a place to be free, reflect on what has happened and prepare for a positive future. These landscapes can tie in to multiple aspects of the curriculum, meaning students can learn a lot more in a shorter amount of time. Plus, for students who have missed fieldwork opportunities, it doesn’t get much better than Iceland.

Iceland’s saying “Petta Reddast” means “it will all work out one way or another”. This optimism and positive messaging highlights exactly why Iceland is the ultimate post COVID-19 school trip destination. The people of Iceland are used to living with natural hazards and challenging climates. School trips to Iceland encourage students to adopt the same resilient attitude.

Above all, a school trip to Iceland would give students something that has been harder and harder to come by in the pandemic, something to get really excited about.

At Discover the World Education, we are working with the UK and Icelandic authorities to ensure that school trips after this pandemic are equally as safe as they are life changing.

Speak to a travel specialist today to start planning your next school trip and welcome students back with a bang.

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