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Choosing The Right Airline

Which airline is right for your group?

What is the choice?

For some of our destinations we have one recommended airline partner however for other destinations you will be asked if you would like to go with one airline or another.

Some airlines, including easyJet pose the most challenging dilemma. Although they can offer a better overall trip cost there is an element of risk involved. Read our top tips to understand whether choosing these airlines is right for your school.

Fully serviced airlines: These airlines typically include the costs of baggage or other amenities. These airlines often have set schedules for their flights and we can therefore be more confident in the price and timings of the flights we quote for you.

Low cost airlines: These airlines offer low fares as they have eliminated many of the traditional passenger services. These airlines are often later to schedule their flights and can be irregular as they try to achieve the lowest operation costs on their routes.

The pros

These airlines release their flights later than fully serviced airlines. This means we will need to take your deposit before confirming the final price for your trip. The benefit of using these airlines is that you may be able to achieve a lower price or better availability at regional airports.

The cons

This is of course a risk and by choosing to wait for the low cost airlines to release their flights you are likely to have lost space on the fully serviced airlines. The other risk when using these airlines is that when flights are released they may not be at suitable times for your school. We always base our price on costs we have achieved in the past for schools but nevertheless, when flights are released the price may have changed from our initial estimates, either more expensive or cheaper. It is difficult to predict.

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Reducing the risk

The way to reduce this risk is to be prepared for the date when the low cost airlines release their flights. Once the flights are released we try to move quickly to get you the best possible price. If you are not ready to make decisions such as changing the price of your trip, the date you travel or the time you travel, you could lose your flights.

  • Be flexible with your dates and times of travel. We will tell you to our knowledge what the times and dates are likely to be for the low cost airlines however this could change when the flights are released. Prepare for this by telling the parents and carers of your students that there could be some flexibility of your dates and times of travel.
  • Collect copies of your students’ passports. Low cost airlines often charge to change information on a booking so avoid unnecessary charges by having your students’ names as per their passport at the time of booking.
  • Collect large deposits early. Once low cost airlines release their flights we need to pay the full amount for the tickets. Make sure you have this covered in your deposit plus some contingency to make sure your flights can be secured.

Plan contingency based on your destination

Iceland £50 – £150 per person

Azores £50 – £100 per person

China £100 – £150 per person

Costa Rica £50 – £150 per person

Italy £50 – £150 per person

New Zealand £50 – £150 per person

Norway £50 per person

Your Travel Specialist will be able to advise on the appropriate amount based on the time of year you are travelling and the size of your group.

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What if the flight price is cheaper than expected?

If you do not need to use your contingency fund you can either put it towards your overseas float or return this to the parents. Remember it can be easier to return money than ask for more in a panic when flights are released.

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