Daniel House

A bit about me…

I have worked in field studies for 15 years as a field studies instructor, field tutor and team leader with Local Education Authorities and the Field Studies Council.

My teaching specialisms are geography, physical geography, and all aspects of outdoor education and fieldwork.

What made you choose to become an Iceland Teacher Tour Leader?

I was invited to develop geography and science based fieldwork modules in partnership with DTW education and the Field Studies Council, focusing on the unique landscape and cultural characteristics Iceland has to offer. Through visiting Iceland and seeing the impact a field trip can have on personal development and subject enrichment I became aware of the Teacher Tour Leader programme. It was a natural step to take my experiences in leading and delivering field work in the UK to Iceland where I believe the landscape and people bring a number of academic subjects to life.

My favourite activity in Iceland…

This is really hard as everything in Iceland is so enjoyable and an amazing experience. It would have to be walking through the Hengill Hot Springs north of Hveregerdi to the geothermal river. (At the moment)

My favourite place in Iceland

Reykjavik – It’s a cultural melting pot of nationalities.