Do Now Starter Activity

We all know that getting students settled in to lesson as swiftly as possible and on task is critical, both for settling behaviour and for establishing routines that lead to better learning. However, it can also be time consuming to have to think up a set of starter activity questions or source images. So we have put together a sample pack here, that can be taken and used in the classroom right away.

The PowerPoint includes 10 ‘Do Now’ starter activities, with a source image and some prompt questions. They are based on news stories that took place across the world over the summer of 2019 and tie in to topics including: natural hazards, migration, ecosystems, natural resources, sustainability, and climate change.

The purpose is to help students to re-focus their mind away from whatever subject they just had or whatever happened in the hallway before class, and to get them thinking about a geographical topic and concept before beginning their lesson.

This could be completed over the first 5 minutes of the lesson as students come in, and as you take the register. Then they are ready for you!

  Do Now Starter Activity

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