Italy Sample Itineraries

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20th Century History Trip to Rome

For those studying the rise and fall of Mussolini and Fascist party, the effects of that time are imprinted on the city. Identify fascist architecture, visit key sites lifted straight from your textbooks and develop your understanding of this key era in Italy’s history.

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Adventure School Trip to Sicily

With its stunning coastlines, sunny weather and volcanic landscapes, Sicily makes for an excellent activity week trip for students of all ages.

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Bay of Naples School Trip on a Shoestring

The Bay of Naples region is a perfect destination for groups seeking world famous historic sites, unbeatable cuisine and dramatic landscapes, all within your budget.

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Essential School Trip to Sicily

Sicily has it all; beautiful beaches, vibrant towns and cities, great food, ancient history and stunning volcanic landscapes. Plus, a school trip to Sicily is more affordable that you might think.

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Geography School Trip to Bay of Naples

This geography trip itinerary to the Naples region is packed full of links to the geography curriculum, including coastal processes, urban change, tectonic processes, landforms and hazards, among many others

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Geography School Trip to Rome

On this trip you will see an unexpected side of Rome, off the beaten track, beyond the marble and into the marshes. You will look upon historical and modern wonders through the eyes of a geographer in this city where physical and human geography meet.

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Geography School Trip to Sicily

Day by day your students will have the opportunity to see some of the world’s most active volcanoes, discover ancient Greek ruins and taste incredible food all within a great value itinerary.

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Humanities School Trip to Bay of Naples

A humanities school trip to the Bay of Naples area captures some of the most fascinating aspects of each discipline as well as including some awe and wonder for all students.

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Religion, Philosophy and Ethics Trip to Rome

What is the ultimate school trip for students studying Catholicism? It does not get any more interesting than Rome with over 900 churches and the country hidden within Rome - Vatican City.

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Roman History Trip to Rome

With the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Catacombs of Rome and so much more on the agenda, students will not only get a chance to be a part of the ultimate history school trip, but will also get a chance to tick off some of their bucket list.

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Roman History Trip to The Bay of Naples

In this packed itinerary, students will understand more about Naples’ interesting past through many awe-inspiring visits, activities and tours.