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Wellbeing and resilience trip to Iceland Iceland

5 Days from £985pp

based on 36 students and 4 free teacher places, travelling Sep-Dec 2023 excluding key school holiday peak dates

Iceland’s rugged outdoors lends itself for an incredible resilience and wellbeing trip. Immersed in epic landscapes unlike anywhere else in the world, students have the perfect balance of challenges to overcome and moments for self-reflection.

This itinerary has a particular focus on improving students’ wellbeing and self-esteem. We are pleased to share that we have a special self-reflection journal pack for your students, which provides a place to reflect on their experiences. Plus we have chosen countryside hotels to give you and your students the best opportunity to see the northern lights!

We have an abundance of optional activities which can be added to your itinerary. All of our trips are fully bespoke, so you can design a trip that ticks all your boxes, whether that be a completely resilience focused like this itinerary or a combined geography and resilience trip.  Speak to your travel specialist to begin planning your next tour.

Ensuring the safety of you and your students is our number one priority. You can check out our COVID assurance, which details the extra safety measures we have in place, as well as how we plan to protect your students' money.

What's included

  • Return flights from LON. Regional departures available
  • Hold luggage for all passengers
  • 4 nights’ countryside accommodation
  • Full board basis
  • All activities mentioned in the itinerary below
  • Our Covid Money-Back Assurance

Ask about our approach to Responsible Travel

We believe the benefits of travel should not be lost for the next generation. In order to protect this world we live in and also inspire a new group of young people to fight for our planet, we are developing an approach to Responsible Travel that is founded in facts, empowers young people to take action and involves suppliers at all levels in minimising negative impacts of travel.

We are committed to finding and implementing maintainable strategies which include developing teaching resources, offsetting carbon emissions, benefitting local economies, protecting local cultures and becoming ‘Plastic Clever’ travellers.

We can’t do it alone. Will you join us?

Responsible School Travel

“Iceland is a place where 'awe and wonder' are around every corner. It is one picture postcard after another. The walk on the glacier, the boat trip on the glacial lagoon, the three waterfalls, the geysers, lava show and lava tunnel are all 'must do ' activities. Seeing the sun setting at 11.30 pm over the Viking boat was another highlight. ”



Lava Tube Caving

Upon landing in Iceland, you will immediately get a taste of some of the adventure that this small but mighty country can provide.

Students will head straight to enjoy an other-worldly lava tube caving experience. They will explore the hidden world in and under the great lava field located in the Blue Mountains, only 25km from Fagradalsfjall.

Looking to combine your itinerary? Geographers will be fascinated by the magical rock formations left behind in the last volcanic eruption. This activity perfectly demonstrates the lava types and features found in this region.



Glanni Forest, Arnarstapi Coastal Walk and Grabrok Crater

Day two starts with a walk through Glanni Forest to visit one of Iceland’s lesser-known waterfalls. Glanni waterfall sits on an ancient lava field and is said to be the dwelling place for elves and trolls. Students will explore the area on foot and are highly likely to see salmon jumping out of the river.

The next stop is the coastal walk of Hellnar to Arnarstrapi providing you and your students with great views of the Atlantic Ocean, alongside the basalt columns on the edge of the path.

Lastly, you will visit the popular Grabrok Crater. Formed about 3,400 years ago in a fissure eruption, this crater is the largest of three craters. The hike is impressive, yet easy and the top provides a great opportunity to take some beautiful panoramic photos of the Icelandic countryside.



Thingvellir including walking trails, Kerid and Swimming

Thingvellir is a national park scarred by a dramatic valley caused by the Mid-Atlantic ridge which is the boundary between two tectonic plates. The landscape here is unforgettable and it has great importance to the Icelandic people as it is where their first parliament was founded in 930 AD. Students will be inspired by those who were here before them as this was the place where the ancient parliament brought ideas together and evaluated issues of the day, encouraging students to partake in group reflection and collaboration. You will also find some stunning waterfalls and incredible panoramas around the park as you follow an unbelievable walking trail. We have found that Thingvellir is one of the most amazing places to self-reflect as you are fully immersed in epic beauty and a long history.

Next, an awe and wonder stop and the perfect spot for a keen photographer. Students will see Kerid, a dramatic volcanic crater lake, originally (but untruly) believed to have formed in an explosive eruption. The magnitude of Kerid truly has to be seen to be believed.

You couldn’t visit Iceland without going for a dip in one of their local, naturally heated, swimming pools. Iceland has more than 200 swimming pools, which is more than any other country per head of population. Swimming pools are a part of Icelandic culture. They are a place where locals meet to catch up with friends or relax on their own. So students get to further immerse themselves in the culture of the resilient locals!



Waterfalls, Horse Riding and more!

Iceland is known for its epic waterfalls and they don’t come more iconic than Seljalandsfoss. Students will love being able to feel the spray and hear the roar of the magnificent falls as they walk behind it.

A short walk from Seljalandsfoss is its shy sibling Gljufrabui, which is partially hidden by rocks. Upon closer inspection, you will see the entrance to the cavern and when inside you’ll be mesmerised as water cascades down the mossy rock walls.

The beach is often a place where people go to relax and think. You won’t find a better beach for that than at Reynisfjara. Known as the black beach, the choppy sea, cliffs lined with basalt columns and fascinating rock formations, as well as the black sand unite to make this visit enchanting. Plus, if it’s good enough for Game of Thrones then it is good enough for us!

Feeling energetic? Walk up the stairs to view Skogafoss, an epic 60m waterfall. Those who wish to preserve their energy can still take in the impressive falls from ground level, making it a must-see stop regardless.

The final stop of the day is going to be one students will never forget – Icelandic horse riding!

Icelandic horses are small but hardy. They have a unique gait which you will find out about during your experience. This is also a new and exciting way to take in the sights of the Icelandic countryside. For most students, this exciting activity will be completely new to them, and in a completely unfamiliar environment, but as the activity is designed for beginners they will be able to throw themselves into something new in a safely and securely.




Before heading home, it is time to look back on your past few days. Using our reflection journal, students can reflect on what they have taken away from these memorable experiences.

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Trip notes:

This trip is based on a group size of 34 students and 4 teachers travelling in October 2023.


Please note; we also offer a 4-day Wellbeing and Resilience trip from £800pp. Please speak to your travel specialist for more information.

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