Beatrice Nicolae

Operations Specialist


A bit about me...

After graduating in Aviation Management I knew straight away that my career path would be in the travel industry. I’ve always been passionate about geography, astronomy, wildlife and I love how my travel career along the years has inspired me to discover and explore more of our world’s wonderful destinations.

What do you love most about your job?

Iceland is the perfect example for students of how advanced engineering technologies can be replaced by using only natural resources in the most sustainable way. I love how through our work we offer the young generation the opportunity to explore inspiring communities and environmentally friendly cultures, that will certainly have a long term impact on the quality of their education. Not to mention the natural landscapes of Iceland that are so dramatic and unique, and amongst the most breath-taking on our planet.

What are some of your most memorable travel moments?

I love paragliding and I try to book an adventure based activity (especially aerial) in all destinations I travel to. I enjoy paragliding, with my most memorable rides from Murren Village down to Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland (also called the valley of waterfalls) and from Teide National Park in Tenerife. Also the Hot Air Balloon flight above Cappadocia in Turkey at sunrise is an experience I will remember forever.

What is your must-pack travel item?

Sunglasses, especially for the winter sun.


Beatrice Nicolae
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