Beverley Cameron

Travel Specialist


Tel: 01737 214 234

Specialist in: Iceland, China and Morocco

A bit about me...

I have worked for Discover the World for 7 years now and still appreciate the family ethos of the company, which is founded on a 35 year passion for Iceland, which definitely makes everyone here love Iceland. I like to think that the students who travel with us develop a love of travel as I have, that will last a life time.

What drew you to the travel industry?

I wasn’t really drawn to the travel industry – just travel! I was brought up in Africa and started working for an airline when I was just 20 years old (British Caledonian & British Airways) – so that I could easily spend my time going backwards and forwards to Africa, including a three month sabbatical in Botswana. After over 20 years flying, training and working in long haul product, I decided to test the waters outside of travel, but still working with people. Although a great experience, I soon was drawn back to the travel industry and the opportunity to spend my time talking about all the amazing places myself and my colleagues have been.

 What is your favourite DTWE destination?

What a question, all of the destinations mean a huge amount to me and am fortunate in that the destinations l specialise in are chosen because I have spent a lot of time there. The ones closest to my heart are Hong Kong, Iceland, Morocco and the Yangtze River in China.

What are your top tips for organising the best school trip possible?

  • Start much earlier that you think you should- you'll need plenty of time to launch the trip to your students.
  • Don’t ‘overfill’ your itinerary - leave a bit of flexibility
  • Tell your travel specialist your timeline for launching the trip so we can offer you the right advice and assistance.
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