Helen Marks

Area Manager

Email: helen@discover-education.co.uk

Tel: 01737 214 277

A bit about me...

I started my career in media and then took a time out to travel and eventually took a job as an overseas rep for 3 years. I joined Discover the World Education 5 years ago and enjoy discussing itineraries with teachers over a map of Iceland, attending events and conferences, and presenting to parents and students prior to their trip.

What drew you to the travel industry?

A few months spent inter-railing around Europe ignited a huge passion for travel. I then took 13 months out to travel South and Central America, followed by another year in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I continue to visit as many countries as I can – I love to travel !

What do you love most about your job?

I get a real buzz from being able to share my enthusiasm about our destinations on a daily basis. To me, the best trips come about when I've been able to visit a school and sit down with a teacher over a map to truly understand how to make their trip unforgettable.

What excursion or activity do you most recommend?

Glacier Walk in Iceland – how often do you get to experience something as amazing as that?!

Do you have any top tips for organising the best school trip possible?

Plan your trip at least 12 months in advance and choose an itinerary that both you and the students will get the best overall experience from. Also look for hidden gems, one of mine is Husavik in North Iceland where you can go whale watching which is a once in a lifetime experience!

What are your most memorable travel moments?

There are simply too many to mention, but a few stand out

What are your most memorable travel moments?

  • Skydiving over the Namibian deserts
  • Experiencing a thrilling helicopter ride of Iguassu Falls which spans Brazil and Argentina
  • Driving through the entirety of the Australian outback
  • Witnessing the Northern Lights in Iceland
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