Katherine Woollett

Marketing Executive

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Tel: 01737 30 6432

Favourite DTWE destination:
 Italy is the perfect place to visit for an education trip as no other country blends history, geography, religious studies and the arts quite like Italy does! Plus, Italian cuisine is by far my favourite and you haven’t tried a pizza until you have tried one in Naples!

DTWE Destination I most want to visit:
China! The fascinating blend of old and new and a culture that appears so different from our own really excites me. It’s definitely on my must visit list.

When travelling you’ll find me: (by the pool/ hiking/ trying new food/ taking photos)
That is an easy one! In a restaurant or café, trying their local dish.

The excursion/ activity I most recommend:
As a complete food lover, I cannot recommend our “dine like a local” experiences enough. The flavour of a country really helps you to immerse yourself in their culture. Often, a memory of an amazing trip can come flooding back to me just with the taste of a certain food.

Top tips for organising the best school trip possible:
Get the students excited during lessons. We have so many classroom resources that directly link to places they will visit on the trip. Seeing what they have previously learnt about, with their own eyes, really enhances the magic of a school trip and helps students to feel more connected to their subject.

Must-pack item:
A notepad and a pen. There is very little that can’t be achieved with a notepad and pen. Perfect for airplane games, quizzes and recording what you learnt from your day exploring.

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