Lucy Ripley

Contracts Manager


Tel: +44 (0)1737 306433

What drew you to the travel industry?

I have always loved to travel and when I started my dream job, leading a flotilla of yachts in the Mediterranean, I knew the travel industry was for me. I moved on to lead adventure walking and safari trips in Europe and Africa and then training leaders and suppliers in Asia. My love of travel, geography degree and MBA has made a job in educational travel a perfect fit!

What do you love most about your job?

It is inspiring to be part of a team who all have such a passion for what they do. Working with Travel Specialists, teachers and suppliers who are all committed to helping students learn about countries in an active way is wonderful. Some of the students we arrange trips for have never been abroad and if we can send them on the trip of a lifetime and help them to be as passionate about the world as we all are here at Discover The World Education then that is a fantastic day at the office!

Which is your favourite Discover the World Education destination:

We all love Iceland here (who wouldn’t?!) but I do also love China as a destination where you can completely submerge yourself in the culture.

Which Discover the World Education destination do you most want to visit:

I would really like to go to Norway and take part in some of the fantastic activities that we run in Hardanger region.

What is your memorable travel moment:

Meeting people while travelling on my own in Iran. Experiencing total kindness and generosity.

Which excursion or activity do you most recommend:

Lava tube caving. The moment when everyone turns off their head torches and experience total silence and darkness is unforgettable.

What is your must-pack item

Walking boots so you can just get involved.

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