Rebecca Veisa

Travel Specialist


Tel: 01737 36 3624

A bit about me...

After studying Travel and Tourism at college I started my first job here at Discover the World in 2007. During my time here I’ve taken career breaks to see the world and every time I return home I’m eager to tell my customers about the places I’ve seen and encourage them to visit them too.

My home away from home is Fiji, where I met my husband, but I’ve also spent time exploring South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America as well as spending time in Iceland which I can honestly say is like no other place I’ve visited.

What do you love most about your job?

I love sending a group off on the trip of a lifetime and hearing about their experiences when they arrive home.

What are some of your most memorable travel moments?

That's a tough one! Here are some of my favourites that come to mind:

  • Skydiving at Lake Taupo in New Zealand
  • Hearing the roar of Geyser erupt in Iceland
  • Snowmobiling under the Northern lights at the Icehotel
  • The view from Mount Etna in Sicily
  • Teaching children at a local school on remote islands in Fiji

What is your must-pack item?


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