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Parent Letters and Permission Slips

What To Include In Your Letters Home

Whether you use email, traditional printed letters or a combination of both, it is important to make sure your communication with parents gets across everything you need to say and that you receive back all the information you’ll need to confirm and book your trip.

Use our checklist to make sure your parent letters and permission slips cover everything they need to:


  • Where are you going?
  • Highlights – check our destination pages for the destination highlights to include
  • When is the trip taking place? Remember if possible it is good to provide small date range to parents so that you will have flexibility on flights when they are available
  • What is the purpose of the trip?
  • Which students are being invited on the trip and how will students be selected for the trip?
  • When and how should they express their interest in joining the trip
  • Will you be holding a parents evening to share more information?
  • When do you need deposits back and how would you like to receive them?
  • Details of the payment plan for the parents
  • Details of arrangements in the case of the trip being cancelled. For any Covid related cancellation details, check out our Covid Assurance. 

How much should your deposit be?

Your Travel Specialist will be able to advise on the most appropriate price for a deposit but you will also need to bear in mind any costs that are separate from our trip costs for example coach to the airport, contingency etc. Remember if your student numbers change, so will your final price so contingency and wait lists are really important.

Permission Slip

  • Permission to attend the trip
  • Name as per passport – Many students go by middle names or shortened versions and in order to book your flights we need to have the names as per passports, getting the information at this stage will save you checking later
  • Request copies of their passports – This will allow you to see if any students are likely to need visas or other documentation, as well as prompting the parents to check their child’s passport is in date for travel.

Organisational top tip: Do you know the pastoral, medical and allergy information of the students attending? The earlier you can tell us this information the sooner we will be able to arrange the most suitable itinerary for your cohort

What are your school’s policies?

Every school is different, find out your school’s position on the following topics to prepare for common questions from students and their families.

  • How many students will be in a room?
  • How will room sharing be decided?
  • Will your group meet at school or at the airport?
  • How will students be selected for the trip?
  • Will there be a waiting list?
  • Are students allowed to take their mobile phones?
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Remember if you’d like advice on the content of your letters, many of our Travel Specialists are former teachers or heads of department and would be more than happy to advise on their approach.

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