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Partnership with Critical Thinkers

In February 2021, Discover the World Education became proud partners with Critical Thinkers, a social enterprise, with the mission of empowering the next generation to become more resilient, emotionally intelligent and, in turn, more effective critical thinkers.

Our aim is to work together to support schools with resources and trips that will help to build resilience, emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills.

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Why this partnership?

As supporting schools is a key part of our ethos here at Discover the World Education, the aims of Critical Thinkers are very much in line with our own. In fact, Critical Thinkers has been founded by some of the team at Discover the World Education, along with a number of psychologists, whilst travel has been in hibernation. Check out their social mission to find out why we were inspired to form this partnership.

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What this partnership means for you and your students?

  • We will use Critical Thinkers’ expert team of psychologists and teachers to help design trips with a resilience building focus.
  • Our continued effort to support schools with free classroom resources will also include access to Critical Thinkers free resources.
  • Our continued effort to support school with free CPD sessions will also include access to Critical Thinkers free CPD sessions.
  • Discover the World Education and Critical Thinkers will work together to provide rewards for loyal customers of both organisations.
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