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School Trips For Environment and Sustainability

Offer your students an opportunity to consider human impacts on the Earth with one of our Environment and Sustainability itineraries. Explore themes including conservation, ecotourism, green energy and global warming up close.

Your students will have a chance to study the local and global contexts of environmental issues either as part of, or as the main focus of their visit to any one of our destinations. Here are some examples which can be included in an itinerary.

Top 10 Environment And Sustainability Experiences

  1. Rescuing turtles in Costa Rica
  2. Visit the Chengdu Panda Base in China
  3. Learn about geothermal and hydro electrical power in the Azores
  4. Studying receding glaciers in Iceland
  5. Admire the city plans in the Urban Planning Exhibition for the ever changing Shanghai
  6. Plant trees in Costa Rica
  7. Visit Circeo National Park, Rome, to study land use, irrigation and ecosystems.
  8. See the endangered Kiwi bird in New Zealand
  9. Journey inside a Norwegian mountain to a hydroelectric power station
  10. Discuss sustainable tourism in Iceland
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