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Svartifoss, Iceland

School Trips For Geography

Our geography trips are our most popular products. The ex-geography teachers in our team work tirelessly to ensure our trip itineraries reflect the curriculum and also spark a love for the subject. Our itineraries can show your students the power of tectonics, the impact of urban growth and even the effects of erosion.

We are strategic partners with the UK’s Geographical Association, working together to make the benefits of international fieldwork accessible for students inside and outside the classroom. This partnership means we regularly create free award winning resources for you to use in the classroom.

Do you want to conduct some fieldwork on your trip? We offer unique courses run by the FSC in Iceland so that your students can put their practical skills to the test during their trip. Speak to our team if you are interested in integrating this into your itinerary.

Top 10 Geography Activities

  1. Ascend to the crater of Mount Etna, Sicily
  2. Admire the Three Gorges of the Yangtzee river
  3. Visit the remarkable coastlines of the Azores
  4. Count the layers of the pancake rocks in New Zealand
  5. Walk on Solheimajokull glacier
  6. Explore the unique climate of a rainforest in Costa Rica
  7. Learn about Norwegian glaciers
  8. Witness the damage caused by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii
  9. Examine how the Azores use their water surroundings to provide power
  10. Study urban development amongst the towering skyscrapers in Shanghai, China

This sample itinerary shows how you can squeeze an incredible range of geographical highlights into a short itinerary, on the beautiful island of Sicily off the south coast of Italy.

Day 1

snorkelling sicily

Cyclops Riviera Coastline and Snorkelling

Discover the magnificent coastline between Acireale and the Cyclops Riviera by boat.

You’ll see basalt columns at the base of the Timpa Nature Reserve, huge lava stacks which pre-date Etna, and a clifftop Norman castle.

You’ll also enjoy time snorkelling in the clear waters of the Ionian Sea where you can examine the effect of the water on the rock below.

Day 2

etna 4x4

Discovering Mount Etna

Visit Western Europe’s highest and most active volcano!

Your group will travel part way up by cable car before boarding 4×4 vehicles to reach the summit. Your guide will lead an informative tour around the crater rim.

Later in the day you will embark on a unique hike near the volcano. You’ll follow the road rebuilt after the devastating 2002 eruption to Piano Provenzana. Your hike climbs up to the 2002 lava field and the 1923 fissure which is flanked by scoria cones and lava bombs.

You’ll see the effect Etna has had on the landscape and its ecosystems.

Day 3

italy alcantara body rafting

Alcantara River Gorge Tubing And Taormina

An ancient lava flow once filled the Alcantara river valley before water erosion formed this impressive gorge lined with black basalt walls.

The volcanic land is extremely fertile and there is extensive farming in the area.

Grab your rubber tube and jump into the water to enjoy relaxing stretches followed by dips and waves that make for the ultimate thrill seekers journey through the gorge.

Next you’ll head to Taormina where you will find an ancient settlement with stunning views of Etna.

Day 4

italy sicily stromboli

Stromboli and Panarea

Today you will venture to two of the small Aeolian Islands, Panarea and Stromboli.

Panarea has some picturesque villages and beaches. On your return boat journey you may be lucky enough to see the Stromboli volcano (which has been active for nearly 2000 years) light up the night with red lava.

Would you like to spend more time exploring the volcano? Maybe you need a full day to teach your students about coastal erosion? Talk to our team about your trip’s learning objectives and we will constuct a bespoke itinerary to suit you.

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