Solheimajokull: A geography case study

The aim of this 18-minute video is to consider the recent changes that have taken place at Solheimajokull, one of Iceland’s best known and most visited glaciers.

Solheimajokull is one of the most monitored glaciers in the world, with records dating back to the 1930s. Since the mid-1990s, the glacier has retreated by up to 50m a year, creating a huge lagoon at its snout and revealing an amazing landscape featuring distinctive landforms such as lateral moraines, kettle holes and an extensive outwash plain. As with other glaciers in Iceland and across the world, scientists believe this retreat to be clear evidence of climate change and global warming. Through interviews with local experts (including glaciologist Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson), this film makes a critical assessment of the recent trends and examines the links to global warming, whilst clear diagrams, photos and video clips explain the formation of this unique landscape, focusing particularly on glacial processes and glacial landforms.

At the heart of the film lies the question: will Solheimajokull still be there in one hundred years’ time?

In this video, we cover:

  • The study of glacial processes, focusing on glacier mass balance, the processes of glacier movement and the processes of glacial erosion
    an examination of freeze-thaw weathering and its impacts on the landscape.
  • The study of a selection of glacial and fluvioglacial landforms including lateral moraines, till and the outwash plain
  • A critical examination of the impacts of global warming on the glacial mass balance and on the future of glaciers and ice caps in Iceland

This video is suitable for all ages and is particularly relevant to students aged between 14 and 18.

Watch the preview below, and view the full video here

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Solheimajokull in 1995

Solheimajokull in 1995


Solheimajokull in 2007 download

Solheimajokull in 2007


Solheimajokull in 2015 download

Solheimajokull in 2015

Images © Oddur Sigurðsson, Icelandic Meteorological Office

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