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As the largest tour operator in the world to Iceland and one of the UK’s leading specialist travel companies, we at Discover the World are proud to send more school groups to Iceland each year than all the other schools tour operators put together in addition to our very successful holiday programme.

We also cater for both educational groups and individual travellers to a variety of other inspiring destinations from Norway to New Zealand. This knowledge means you are working with the known and established experts, who ensure you and your students get the most from the destination.

Support from experienced travel and teaching professionals

Throughout the planning stage of your trip you will be speaking with specialists who are either natives of your chosen destination or who have travelled extensively within the country. What’s more, our team is very experienced in looking after the specialised area of educational trips and appreciate the attention to detail and requirements needed by you and your school or college.

To ensure your trip is relevant to your studies we use leading teachers to help design itineraries and compile field studies material.

Support on tour

After 30 years of working with teachers, we understand that there must be a balance between service and value for money. For this reason, we ensure all main suppliers are tried and tested by an experienced member of Discover the World before advertising a tour. As all our trips are researched extensively, this allows us to recommend the most suitable accommodation, guides, transport and excursions tailored to your specific needs. For your peace of mind, whilst on tour 24-hour support is just a phone call away.

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