Travel advice after your trip. Iceland in Covid-19 world

For those looking to travel to Iceland at this time, we have collated a list of information and resources of what you need to know when you arrive back to the UK from an Iceland trip.

For information regarding pre-departure from the UK to Iceland please read our advice before you go FAQ guide. For information regarding what to do when you arrive in Iceland read this guide.

On returning from my trip to Iceland, what will happen when I arrive at London Heathrow Airport?

There are new rules for residents and visitors for entering the UK because of coronavirus (COVID-19) you will:

  • need to provide your journey and contact details when you travel to the UK

Full details of the requirements are available here:

You should check the latest public health advice on coronavirus before you travel, or if you’ve just arrived in the UK.

You should also download the NHS contact tracing app.

Providing your journey and contact details when you travel to the UK

You’ll need to fill in an online form to provide your journey and contact details before you return journey. You cannot submit this form until 48 hours before your arrival time in the UK.

You will need to show that you’ve completed the form when you arrive at the UK border.

If you refuse to fill in the form, you may be fined. You also may not be allowed to enter the UK (unless you’re either British or a UK resident).

Do not travel if you have coronavirus symptoms.

What if I am identified to have a high temperature on arrival in the UK?

Heathrow is conducting a series of trials on new technology and processes to be used for health screening in response to COVID-19. The first trial, which is now underway, will be assessing the suitability of thermal imaging cameras to screen for passengers with raised temperatures and will initially take place within Terminal 2’s immigration hall on arrival and on a small number of Terminal 5 departures. The trial is part of a package of health and safety measures Heathrow is implementing to ensure the safety of passengers and colleagues.

The trial started on the 21st May 2020 and will remain ongoing as the suitability of the technology is determined. A number of other measures are also being considered, these include UV sanitation, thermal screening technology and contactless security procedures. You can find out more information here about the trials and other FAQ’s about travelling through Heathrow.

This trial is to try and understand how thermal imaging technology will work in a large scale, live operation to inform the thinking and understanding of the technology’s capabilities. The technology may then roll out to other areas of the airport to further test its performance. The results of the trial could help determine if thermal screening equipment could form part of the Common International Standard for aviation in a world with COVID-19. Please note that during the trial, no personally identifiable data of passengers or colleagues will be stored or collected.

The thermal imaging cameras being trialled use infrared sensors to monitor passengers and identify individuals who may have higher temperatures. This technology allows for less person-to-person contact and faster testing of larger numbers of passengers, but this initial trial is purely to see if the technology is suitable for an airport environment. While the trial is taking place passengers will not be stopped and individuals are strongly urged to follow the Government’s advice on preventing the spread of COVID-19, including on self-isolation, avoiding non-essential travel and social distancing. During the trial you can opt to take a different route that does not pass the cameras if you wish – please speak to airport staff.

Am I allowed to return home from my trip if I am experiencing Covid-19 symptoms?

You will not be able to travel home if infected.

What happens if I develop Covid-19 symptoms whilst I am travelling back to the UK?

If you develop coronavirus symptoms when you’re travelling to the UK, tell the crew on your flight. They’ll let staff in the airport know, so they can tell you what you should do next when you arrive.

Do I need to self-isolate when I return to the UK?

From 10 July you will not have to self-isolate if you’re arriving and staying in England from a country or territory on the travel corridors list. You still have to provide your journey and contact details.

You will still be required to self-isolate if you have visited or stopped in any country that is not on the list in the previous 14 days.

More information and the list of countries are in the travel corridors guidance.

Read our comprehensive Iceland Travel guides for more information.

All information, developments, and advice about Iceland and COVID-19 can be found at the website of the Directorate of Health and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management as well as the designated COVID-19 website for Iceland maintained by these institutions.