Travel Disruption Protection

We are proud of our excellent reputation for looking after our clients, without question, should the unexpected occur.

Our team of dedicated Travel Specialists will do everything possible to re-arrange your trip should it be cancelled or if your outward flight(s) cannot operate within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time due to a range of natural events, including but not limited to seismic and volcanic activity.

We are on call 24-hrs a day. Our ‘Travel Disruption Protection’ applies in the event that it becomes necessary for us to cancel, curtail/abandon, change/amend your holiday/travel dates.

If it is not possible to re-arrange your trip before you travel, you will receive a full refund of the trip cost you have paid to us. When you are on holiday, if it becomes necessary to alter or re-route your itinerary, we will make these arrangements at no additional cost to you. In the event your scheduled return flight(s) is cancelled or severely delayed, we will provide you with accommodation and meals. Such events and circumstances are rarely covered by travel insurance policies.

Terms & Conditions

  • Where travel insurance offers covers for delays/cancellations, claims should be presented to your insurer in the first instance. If there is no such provision or cover, you will receive reimbursement from us. Accommodation/meal arrangements will be arranged by us (of our choosing subject to availability and meals at reasonable cost) when these are not provided by the airline when a flight is delayed or cancelled within 24 hrs of scheduled departure. Some travel insurance policies may offer cover in these circumstances and we reserve the right to ask you to refer any claims for these costs to your insurance provider in the first instance.
  • Where outward or return flights are delayed/cancelled, we or the airline reserve the right when deemed necessary to make alternative transport arrangements which may include travel via an alternative route by air or other means.
  • Any travel insurance premiums paid to us are non-refundable and any additional holiday costs for revised travel dates will be payable by you, or a refund of the difference will be given if the price is lower.
  • We are unable to extend this guarantee to any other independent travel arrangements booked by you (eg. travel to/from the airport, your own flights or other arrangements not booked through Discover the World), so you should check what cover is provided within the terms of your travel insurance policy.
  • Disinclination to travel: If you have already booked and subsequently decide not to travel, then our booking terms and conditions will apply in this, and any other circumstances.
  • The safety and well being of our clients is of paramount importance and we would suspend the operation of holidays to any destination if the Foreign & Commonwealth Office advised against travel, until restrictions were lifted.
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