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Azores Highlights

Azores Highlights

There is so much to see and do on the islands of the Azores. We’ve selected a few of our favourites below but to start designing your ideal itinerary start by talking to one of our travel specialists.

They will be able to send you our full activities brochure and help you understand how to make the most of your time in the Azores.

azores mount pico cows grazing
Mount Pico, Pico

Climb to the crater and take in the views of this once in a lifetime experience.

azores sete cidades trail
Sete Cidades Lake, Sao Miguel

One of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal, this giant collapsed caldera is partially filled with two crater lakes.

azores furnas hot springs
Furnas Valley, Sao Miguel

Furnas is home to hot springs, fumaroles and mud pools.

azores capelinhos volcano coastline
Capelinhos Volcano, Faial

Capelinhos was one of the world's best-documented volcanic eruptions and the old lighthouse houses one of Europe's leading Interpretation Centres.

Our top ten activities

1. Geo-tour

A full day tour investigating the energy at work in the Azores. Visit geothermal and HEP power stations to learn about sustainable energy production, bathe in natural hot springs at Caldeira Velha and visit Lagoa do Fogo (Fire Lake), a nature reserve set around a crater lake.

2. Cycling at Sete Cidades Lake

This giant collapsed caldera is partially filled with two crater lakes. A popular activity centre offers hiking and cycling trails, each of which offers a different viewpoint of this remarkable landscape.

3. Capelinhos Volcano and Interpretation Centre

A must for any would-be volcanologist! Capelinhos 1957-8 was one of the world’s best-documented volcanic eruptions and the old lighthouse is one of Europe’s leading Interpretation Centres, with exhibitions on the activity in the Azores and famous volcanoes worldwide.

4. Walk on the rim of Caldeira

At the centre of Faial is the Caldeira, a 2km wide and 400m deep collapsed volcanic cone. The inside is now a nature reserve whilst a 5km trail leads around the crater rim offering panoramic views of the island and is considered to be the best walk on Faial, taking around 2-3 hours.

5. Horta Marina

Enjoy a guided tour of Horta town and nearby Porto Pim. Explore the famous painted marina; visit the excellent Whale Factory Museum in a converted whaling factory; relax on the golden beaches of Porto Pim and enjoy panoramic views of the volcanic coast and bay from the headland.

6. Whale Watching

The Azores are rated as one of the world’s 10 best place to see whales. With approximately 25 different migratory and resident species to be spotted, including the sperm and blue whale plus a variety of dolphins, sharks and turtles, it’s easy to see why. Your tour includes an on-board marine biologist to help uncover the secrets of these remarkable mammals.

7. Cozido Lunch (Furnas)

A traditional Azorean meal consisting of a selection of meat, fish and vegetables, slow-cooked for 6 hours in the earth throughout the morning by geothermal energy. Delicious! (Vegetarian options are also available.)

8. Gruta do Carvao

Gruta do Carvao cave system is the largest known in São Miguel island and one of the most remarkable of the entire archipelago with about 2.5 km of total length. Basaltic eruptions flowed towards the nearby coastline through these tunnels. The guided visit here is on established paths. Also try Gruta das Torres, which has 5000m of lava tube tunnels formed by rapid-flowing pahoehoe eruptions. It has sections as young as 500 years old. The guided visit here is a bit more adventurous than at Gruta do Carvao.

 9. Ten Volcanoes Trail, Faial

Track the growth of an island across ten volcanic peaks. You will walk for around 6 hours on this challenging hike but the scenery you will see along the way makes this an incredibly rewarding experience.

10. Climb Mount Pico

You’ll start from sea-level to the foot of Mount Pico at 1,200m, where you will meet your mountain guides who will accompany you to the crater. You’ll walk through the forest until you reach the steeper terrain where you will reach the more challenging part of the trek over rough volcanic rocks. Once you reach the crater, take in the views and stop for some well-deserved lunch. It is a rewarding and once in a lifetime experience.